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  1. Rickyo007

    Engine Brake In Procedure - Hobao Hyper 7

    Hello all, Please could somebody send me clear and easy to follow instructions to brake a Hyper 7 .21 engine in from new...? Many thanks
  2. Daniel J

    Getting new engine any tips for setting it up?

    Hello everybody, I am getting a new engine soon and I was just wondering if you need to do a heat cycle on it and how? Also tell me tips on breaking in the engine and the way you do it. Thanks btw it's a .18 nitro engine!
  3. Cjsur57

    Air leak during break-in??

    Hey guys after being out of the game for a while a buddy of mine got me back in to the world of nitro. Got my rtr HoBao SS nitro truggy in the mail and a few minutes into the break-in it started to idle up and down and then eventually revved about mid range. Plugged the pipe, killed it, started...
  4. E

    help with 3.3 break-in

    on the fifth step of the break in process on the traxxas t maxx trx 3.3 when it says to ease on full throttle it cuts off.
  5. Skullboi2012

    Break in during winter

    Hey all of you nitro fanatics I have a question I am get a 1/8 sh.21 nitro buggy and was wondering if you can brake it in during the winter time -thanks skull
  6. IdriveSlideways

    Break in after rebuild?

    Does the engine need to broken in again after a rebuild? I'm helping my friend rebuild his engine and all we're doing is replacing the conrod. The piston and sleeve are fine.
  7. Mrdavis72

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Can somebody please help me

    Ok so the only way I can get my 3.3 to start and idle is for it to be at half throttle. I myself have been over it numerous times as well as the hobby shops, and can't figure it out. Brend new everything except piston and sleeve,because they were still in good repair,new carb,tank,lines. Lots of...
  8. T

    Kyosho Drx One11 Nitro

    Recently purchased and awaiting a delivery of a kyosho drx gp with the gx18 engine I've yet to find any information wether any other body shells fit this as it is a unique 1/9 size. I was hoping to get a Evo or m3 or focus style shell but am unaware what my options are. I've looked into mp9...
  9. J

    Need break in help please

    I have a sh.28 engine. I let idol for 2 tanks w/ factory setting right out the box. On the 3rd tank, it took forever to start. So I leaned it a little bit gave a little gas and it finally cranked. It is so hard to start. Are there any tips to make it start easier? Every time I give it gas to...
  10. tvjv2009


    I just got my new MGT today!! I couldn't help getting a couple break in tanks through it. Here is where I get confused. There are two methods recommended in this forum. Two very different methods. One where you gradually (over the course of 5 tanks) work up to an engine being broke in. The other...
  11. V

    Another question: What to expect with 3.3 break-in??

    I've actually have two 3.3's to break in, my Revo and TMaxx trucks. The way the carbs come from factory, do they usually start up for break in without adjustments? I now I'll need an extra glow plug on hand. My 2.5's run like junk Previous owner trashed them, and from the condition they were...
  12. WoodiE

    How to break-in a RC nitro engine

    I have seen a number of discussions that showcase stories of someone who didn't think they needed to break in the engine before bashing their nitro RC car. Wrong! Those people couldn't be more mistaken. It literally only takes a couple hours and five tanks of gas, depending on your specific...
  13. N

    Mgt 8.0 just after break-in

    Well guys, just got the engine 3 tanks past break in. Still trying to find that sweet spot. Today had it run off on me a couple times, like the throttle stuck open & wouldn't return to neutral. Thinking batteries might be low??? But when this thing is on, IT'S ON!!! Get back with you nitro...
  14. M

    3.3 Break-in pains

    so i have a a TMAXX classic 3.3 conversion. i began to break it in yesterday and i was cut short due to a dead glow ingiter, i called my hobby shop and they had said that it will not mess with my break in. do i start with the second tank instructions or should i stat over with the 1/4 throttle...
  15. T

    Break-in for hk baja?

    Do I need to break it in like nitros?
  16. P

    Break-in procedure for .26 picco?

    I was wondering if anyone had a good break-in procedure for this engine. I'm going to be getting it, the "red dot" version, i heard that one was better? Anyways, my first engine I'm sure I screwed up the break in procedure, and it only lasted 2-3 gallons and lost compression (the TRX2.5). I...
  17. B

    trx 3.3 break-in

    i am breaking in my trx 3.3 and i ran the first tank then my pull-starter broke and i havent ran it since... if i fix it then finish the break in, will it be effected?
  18. M

    Finally new savage xl break-in hooray!!

    Well, I finally got five tanks ran through my savage xl k5.9. Its in the 80's here today and i am using byrons 20% with 16 % oil and it sure sounded good. Had to stop and run a errand but i am gonna adjust it a little more tomorrow but i have to say this thing acts like a beast. I am just a...
  19. REVO-5309

    How Does My Break-in Look?

    So i just put 7ish tanks through the new motor. I'm running 30% nitro and I'm running 0.4mm head shim instead of the factory 0.3mm, i seems to have it pretty much tuned. i read somewhere about it detonating or something and was wondering if this white stuff on the glow plug has anything to do with...
  20. jk6672


    I'm ln my sixth tank breaking in the picco 28 (has incredible power, I really need the road rage for the street because the dirt bonz are uncontrollable at high speed on the street) and I'm now doing some WOT passes and I'm a little concerned with the temp. I haven't adjusted any of the factory...