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Got a filament breakage sensor for my Ender 3 FDM 3d printer. The final piece before flashing the new firmware and reassembling with the new motherboard, dual drive extruder, touchscreen display and the breakage sensor. It should make my prints more consistent. Then time to start the process with the Mars Resin Printer.


Dekalb, IL
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Ordered a set of traxxas 3655P (blue heavy duty) arms for my stampede 4x4. My inside pivot balls keep popping off and I suspect it's due to the extra twisting/flex the RPM arms allow. I didn't have too many issues with the original arms, just broke a couple, which is why I went with RPM... but they flex soooooo much. Pretty sure they are the reason I busted one of my X-duty cvd's a week or two ago. Granted, it was a bad landing, probably would break a non-rpm arm, but who knows.
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