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Do you still have all of your broken ones?
I've only had my slash for 8 months.
Had my slash for 8 years (xmas of 2015)
Yep still have all of them. Since the stock Mike Jenkins one is rare, its still in pretty good shape, to me, and so I try to keep it that way. If I want to sell it, I'm wanting to get atleast 65 dollars for it.

Stock Mike Jenkins:

Traxxas clear body then:

Traxxas clear now:

ProLine 2009 Silverado


#1 JConcepts 2012 Silverado, this one is from my uncles old slash 4x4 years ago.

If you do get short course bodies, go with ProLine or JConcepts, as they are better plastic, like thicker and less flexible, and they last longer / more durable than the traxxas ones. SCT bodies get ripped up. Most common is the fenders / wheel wells, and where the body posts go through.
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Maybe its time to pony up to an Arrma Mojave, 4s? or Sentry. :thumbs-up: