The "What did you buy today?" thread...

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I thought it would be pretty cool to introduce this thread to the forum as I haven't seen one on here.

You know those days when you buy something or get a package in the mail and you want to share it with everyone cause your so ecstatic to have gotten that brand new (or used) goodie? Well this is a perfect place for that! It does not have to be R/C related but is preferred.

This is also a great way for people to discover what kinds of things are out there that they may not know about.

Please include a picture and some type of description of what your showing off.

So I guess I should start this with something I just got!

My UE SuperMaxx 7.5, 8 spyder Differentials for my T-Maxx! These suckers really are some heavy duty beasts, I can't wait to get my truck finished and see how these badboys run.

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Today I got my Savage 3-spd trans kit that I won on eBay last Saturday, I got the tools that Mr. T-Maxx sent me, and I bought two 6-cell NIMH battery packs from the lhs.
Alloy clutch shoes... for an associated 1/8 buggy. Hope they work in place of my HPI shoes in my BB revo. If not, I got a spare set of HPI teflons as well.
Hobbytown USA, depending on what I need. Victory Hobbies is where I bought my XXX-SCT. Otherwise I usually buy online.
I just noticed that a mod changed my "Teh" to "the"...It was supposed to be read Teh :/
In the past 24 hours, i have bought a PS3, 4 blue ray movies, 4 ps3 games, hdmi cable, 6 months of Heartguard and flea/tick prevention for my puppy, $99.99 worth of diesel (pump cut off b4 $100)
I got 6 gensacearespammers 1000mah 3s lipos, 2 1300 2s lipos, mcdonalds breakfast and dollar tacos from street vendors.
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Well that ought to be enough diesel to get you to the next gas station, Alpine. lol I bought a Rt 44 soft drink on my way home from my lhs.
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sadly the only items I bought today weer two childrens books for $8.98 at the school book fair. no RC stuff for my until next month.
i got a microfiber mop to clean my floors ''Jig-A-Loo'' for my squeaky truck door ..20$ of gas and some groceries and a bottle of MAPP gas for my torch .....i think thats it :D
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I bought an entire case of Food City Cola and another case of Food City Dr. Wow. $4.99 a case, and I like it better than the real thing.
That's 20 cents a can.
Earlier this week...

Killzone 3 for the PS3
Skate 3 and Dead Space 2 for the 360