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  1. ajames942

    TRX 3.3 E-Z Start, Starting Troubles

    ok i have the TRX 3.3 with the ez start system. theres about 2 and 1 half gallons through it. When i go to start it the ez start turns the motor and it cranks and then it doesn't crank and as i throttle it and play around it will start and run great. and when it cranks the ez start system is...
  2. S

    trx 3.3 starting and compression questions

    how hard should the 3.3 be to turn over to show decent compression? or what psi should it read? my 3.3. all of a sudden just wont start. it fires right up but thats it. went back to factory needle settings and started from there still she wont stay running. this all started when i put...
  3. S

    Sold / Found wtb; traxxas trx 3.3

    pm me what u have. thanks.
  4. R

    Trx 3.3 problems

    I have a TRX 3.3 engine in my T-Maxx classic, it has about 1 1/2 gallons of 20% Top Fuel run through it. I ran it one day, it ran great, the next day i went to start it and it would not stay running itself, about 2 seconds after i took my finger of the starter button it stalled. after a couple...
  5. M

    Typical lifespan of trx 3.3

    This is my first nitro truck and I was wondering if I could get everyone's opinion on something. I have the tmaxx 3.3 and I was wondering what kind of lifespan these little engines have when following typical after run procedures etc.. I'm aware of the fact that it depends on how you treat the...
  6. C

    TRX 3.3 troubles

    I know it has an air leak somewhere but no clue as to where. I've checked all screws and the plug. The backplate and carb are both sealed with rubber gasket compound (Permatex engine-safe gasket compound). The fuel system is completely sealed. There are zip ties around all the joints and the...
  7. SMaxxin

    Button head for a TRX 3.3?

    Does anyone know where I can find a button head for a Traxxas 3.3? I have never seen one but I have an after market cooling head that needs one. A shop name or link would be great.
  8. A

    TRX 3.3 blown piston! *pics*

    My TRX 3.3 just blew a hole in the piston! Just doing straight runs in the park, and it just stopped after I filled another tank up. I knew straight away SOMETHING was broken. I had about 7 litres through it (2 gallons). I just ordered $350 of parts from Amainhobbies too :( Hitec...
  9. I

    TRX 3.3 fits in 2.5?

    The TRX 3.3 fits in the 2.5 conversion kit? Do they use the same block or something?
  10. A

    Killed my TRX 3.3

    Gents, I was running the car the other day at 50 degree weather and was running a bit cold. So I adjusted the needles and worked fine with the exception that it burned two plugs and showed too much compression on the third plug. I was using Traxxas Top Fuel 33% on my 3.3 revo. Well a couple of...
  11. J

    Sold / Found WTB TRX 3.3 mill for revo

    I'm looking for a new mill or one that has been broken in and not much nitro run through it.
  12. Lessen

    which TRX 3.3 ??

    Well I've gotten tired of seeing my T-Maxx just sitting there collecting dust so I've decided to revive it. I'm gonna put the TRX 3.3 with ezstart in it but I'm not sure which one to get. I'm seeing two versions for the recoil style... an IPS shaft and a multi-shaft. Which one do I need for a...
  13. R

    trx 3.3

    soon i will be putting in the 3.3 in my rustler. what would i need to upgrade that will most likely break now i have the 2.5 rustler
  14. WoodiE

    Traxxas TRX 3.3 Racing Engine

    Traxxas has recently released news about the new TRX 3.3 racing engine. They are even re-releasing a T-Maxx with a pre-installed 3.3 engine as well. More details here.
  15. V

    Question about the TRX 3.3

    I was thinking about exchanging my 2.5R for the 3.3. I was talking to a friend about it when he pointed something out to me. 3.3 cc translates into .20 ci I think, and according to my friend, it has the same exhaust outlet as the .15 does, and it looks that way to me. I guess what I'm trying to...
  16. A

    trx 3.3....

    woohoo i got my 3.3 in today all i need is my pipe and header which will be in in a few days and I'm all set to break it in and se what all the fus is about.....i can't wait......figured i would share that with u guys.....
  17. M

    trx 3.3 in the maxx....

    well done traxxas for bringing out a new bigger displacement engine. this is just my opinion but here it goes. the truck itself is basicly a revo without the fancy suspesion, and a larger displacement engine. maybe they should have made the engine a big block to rival the savage. I'm...
  18. R

    Trx 3.3

    i just got a email from traxxas about there new releases T-maxx 3.3 revo 3.3 these look like real power house but have to wonder if they will have the same tuning problems ppl had woth the 2.5's