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  1. J

    WTB: Roto Start Back Plate For TRX 3.3

    Looking for a roto start back plate for my Revo & Jato. Running a TRX 3.3 and OS TM.21 Please send PM for quicker response. Shaft input must look like this one:
  2. C

    traxxas trx 3.3 assembly

    I'm having a hard time getting the e-clips on my engine installed. any suggestions? please :)
  3. K

    os.18 vs trx 3.3 vs dynamite 19t

    OK i am tired of the trx not even a month old and already gone to crap so what is better the os or the dynamite i plan geting it going and selling it. ready to get back in electric I've been in r/c for years now so I'm not a noooooob
  4. P

    Sold For Sale: TRX 3.3 engine parts/Revo & Jato pipes/Complete Radio System

    TRX 3.3 cooling head, connecting rod, engine bearings (1 front, 3 rear) All Brand new parts, never fired up! Cooling head = $20 shipped Connecting rod = $20 shipped Engine bearings = $30 shipped Package deal for head, connecting rod, bearings = $60 shipped Jato polished dc resonator...
  5. F

    TRX 3.3 Question

    I just bought a brand new TRX 3.3 Engine, and when i rotate the crankshaft, the piston gets stuck on the top of the piston sleeve, and wont come down to the BDC. I have to remove the cooling head, and manually push the piston down, its that tight. Is this normal? Am i doing something wrong here...
  6. B

    TRX 3.3 Racing Engine--Replacement

    I was wonder what would be the best way to go to replace a TRX 3.3 Racing Engine. Is there a better cheaper engine to put in there? Or just go with replacing the one it had in it?
  7. MudWild680

    Sold Fs: Trx 3.3

    Have got a Traxxas 3.3 engine to get rid of. Engine has no more then 14 tanks of fuel ran through it. I completed the break in procedure using the heat cycle method. Broke the motor in with 20% nitro fuel and have been running it with 30% HP8 nitro fuel. Comes with traxxas flywheel...
  8. 9

    Trx 3.3 internals in 2.5 block

    I'm pretty sure it's not possible but is there any way you can put traxxas 3.3 internals in a 2.5 block? My buddy bought a truck from a guy that said he had done this but I don't believe him. Thanks for any info
  9. F

    Jato trx 3.3

    I recently purchased a jato online i have one already for some reason can't make the brakes work compared the two side by side they seem to work the same but one stops and one dont pads look good everything seems to function would appreciate any other things to check and i adjusted them still no...
  10. 1

    TRX 3.3 Blown to HELL!

    My buddy blew the everloving shat out of his 3.3 today, muahahahhaa.... The wrist pin literally split the conrod down the middle and the conrod smashed through the top of the piston, this is mega awesome carnage. Just had to post the destruction!
  11. F

    trx 3.3 aftermarket carb?

    hi guys... i was wondering if anybody new of an aftermarket aluminum carb for the 3.3 ... i was disassembling my engine and the screw on the side of the carb fell out... i looked in the hole and the composit was stripped out. if there is an aftermarket carb, what is the estimated price on one...
  12. B

    Traxxas Nitro Rustler with trx 3.3 great running rustler
  13. E

    Is breaking in the trx 3.3 on different day ok?

    I was so excited to break in the new trx 3.3 on my revo since this is my first time to break in an engine. When I was on my 2nd tank, mother nature didn't allow me to go on finish the process. Now sitting inside my place staring at the engine while it's raining outside. Is that ok? I'm thinking...
  14. N

    trx 3.3

    I've got a s/max w/a 3.3 on it I can not get it to fatten up for nothing. Does any body have any ideas for me to try? Was running great and all at once died and been having trouble since:whhooo::whhooo:
  15. L

    trx 3.3 looking

    looking for a tight pinch almost new traxxas 3.3 let me know
  16. P

    new trx 3.3

    the new trx 3.3 are solid in the middle of the head. traxxas claims it dissaptes heat better. can someone explain how?
  17. J

    Sold Fs: Trx 3.3

    Four tanks after break in. Super tight pinch. It did flip with the body off and a few fins got bent. Never hurt the performance of the engine. The third picture shows the cooling head with the bent fins. Includes Motor Saver air filter. $75 shipped Please send PM for quicker response...
  18. Bryson

    Wtb trx 3.3

    So I'm looking for a Traxxas trx 3.3. Something not too beat. I want to try some new porting I have recently been schooled on and a 3.3 seems like a good place to work out the kinks. Again not to beat up, on the newer side if possible. So anyone got anything good? I checked ebay but most are...
  19. M

    revo trx 3.3 help

    i have a revo trx 3.3 and when i go to start it with the e.z. start the gas go's to the middle of the line and dont go any further to the carb!!! please help
  20. X

    TRX 3.3 on a TMAXX

    Hi Guys First time poster as well as first time Nitro RC owner. I have a few general question which I would like to hear some comments on. I bought a TMAXX (4908), used, from a guy who raced RCs for years. The truck other than a few broken pieces was in decent shape. I rebuilt it...