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  1. L

    Can I keep the 2 speed gearing??

    So I’ve already converted a few 2.5 tmaxxes and they all have been pretty good but I’ve been wanting to do one with one of my 3.3 chassis and have really wanted to keep the two speed gearing, since in all the 2.5s I’ve single speed converted them. Other than having to still use the servo brake...
  2. J

    "Frankenstein Rustler" 2 speed tranny.

    Hey Nitro R.C. lovers! Today I bring you guys the "Frankenstein Rustler" which was made out of 2 used cars (Rustler and Jato) and a few new parts.. I wanted it to look different than the regular Rustler (grey upper chassis) and since the Jato's tranny is black I decided to black out as much as...
  3. Spookybrittany

    Revo 3.3, WTH is wrong with this thing?

    Hey guys, Let's just start off by saying I'm a newbie to the max, my new-to-me Traxxas Revo 3.3 is my first (running, barely) RC truck. My boyfriend is super into RCs, and he has all sorts of electric ones. This is the only Nitro we have, because his last one ran away into a wall and blew up to...
  4. :D lmao

    Want to give my revo more power… but how?

    I’ve tried big block but that ended up destroying other components so i figured modding the existing 3.3 engine, I’m forced to run on 16% fuel since anything higher requires license to purchase (which i ofc don’t have) Many have told about swapping to an os 11k carb, but are there any other...
  5. :D lmao

    traxxas 2.5, 2.5R and 3.3 horsepower?

    how much horsepower do these engines make? And what are the differences between 2.5 and 2.5R, some online articles say that the only difference is the blue cooling head but traxxas states that 2.5R makes 0.5 horse power more than the original 2.5, how come?
  6. :D lmao

    I dont get it... (about nitro tuning, everyone is welcome! i need to know more!)

    Q1: What does LSN do, does it effects low rpm or low throttle? if i blip the gas ones (from zero to wide-open quickly, then immediately releasing the trigger) is it HSN or LSN? Q2: does HSN affects idle? Q3: the relation between LSN and idle crew, i can affect idle by either leaning the LSN or...
  7. :D lmao

    Best upgrades for revo 3.3?

    mod or upgrade that improves power and handling were in count as well:)
  8. :D lmao

    why is my engine running so hot?

    I'm running a stock revo 3.3 with optimix 16% fuel I'm running my engine relatively rich and a whole bunch of blue smoke is visible during the acceleration, so i assume that everything should be theoretically fine apart from the fact that the temp was at 280f, i tried richening the needles but...
  9. :D lmao

    trx 3.3 idle stop screw stock setting?

    the manual said that the slide valve should be set so that it has a 0.7 - 1.0 mm gap, but that's just kinda unclear for me, i want to know by how many turns out from completely closed (idle set screw) thks
  10. :D lmao

    nitro engine rebuild?

    helo;) Q1: how do i know if my nitro engine needs a rebuild? Q2: should i purchase a brand new engine or only the piston and sleeve set (Traxxas for example) thks for the hlp!
  11. :D lmao

    Traxxas revo 3.3 not Starting?

    First time starting my revo today, but the engine keeps getting stuck as I’m trying to free it up by the flywheel with a screwdriver, but the engine just never wants to start. Plus that the EZ start motor starts smoking, I really dunno what to do😭 I've tried heating up the engine but no work:(
  12. :D lmao

    Does different nitro content really make a big impact on a car's performance?

    Q1: is it worth purchasing 20 or 25% nitro in Europe when u need a license for it? Q2: I'm running a stock 3,3 engine and wanna know if switching from 20% to 16% really is a night and day difference? Q3: Will fuel with a lower nitro content decreases the life of the engine? Q4: I'm into buying...
  13. Tg1671

    Revo 3.3 4th tank and won’t run

    Hi let me say thanks in advance. I just bought the truck and was breaking it in when it stalled on the end of the fourth tank. I tried adjusting and had no luck as soon as you give it throttle it stalls. I replaced the plug reset back to factory settings and I can’t maintain it. What I did...
  14. G

    Traxxas 3.3 problems

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a used 3.3 T-maxx,since then I have never managed to get the engine to run right, I replaced the carb body due to idle jet hole was stripped out thinking that would be the reason that I have had the following issues, idle up/down on its own, WOT without the car...
  15. olds97_lss

    New tires, new carb (losi 3.4), ended a bad day...

    My wife got me new tires for my b-day. Comparison to traxxas 3.8 geodes with 3.3 tires: This was also my first run with a losi 3.4 carb on my 3.3. I have an OS21TM, but...
  16. Y

    trx 3.3 and diff help

    Hi I'm the not so proud owner of a tmaxx 3.3. I'm the third owner and have had nothing but trouble, I've sealed and resealed the engine a hundred times and still have oil everywhere its spraying from the flywheel, and the header and plastic back plate from the pull start are covered in it. its...
  17. X

    Traxxas Trx 3.3 engine

    Ok so I got a traxxas nitro sport. And just bought a trx 3.3 racing engine for it. Now the problem is that the throttle for the .15 and the throttle for the trx 3.3 are different and I would need to convert the throttle control over to the spring one. But I don't know the circumference or...
  18. chaos2767

    Sold / Found TRX 3.3 complete with header, pipe and EZ start

    Hey guys, I'm doin another motor upgrade so I wont be needing this one. It has great compression and a ton of life left, never overheated and always monitored the temps and kept it around 260-270. I am leaving the current flywheel on it as well so you will just need your clutchshoes and...
  19. R

    trx 3.3 operating temp?

    I know I may sound like an idiot.. but wats the average operating temperature on 3.3 or any motors for that matter????
  20. T

    Trx 3.3

    I picked up a new 3.3 and was wondering if there is a way to change the one way starter bearing back to the hex shape. I have an electric starter but can't put it on the new engine