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  1. Tg1671

    Revo 3.3 4th tank and won’t run

    Hi let me say thanks in advance. I just bought the truck and was breaking it in when it stalled on the end of the fourth tank. I tried adjusting and had no luck as soon as you give it throttle it stalls. I replaced the plug reset back to factory settings and I can’t maintain it. What I did...
  2. _Kodiak_

    T-Maxx 3.3 Desert Runner Build

    Hi, all. Recently got a near brand new T-Maxx 3.3 after a long hiatus from anything RC. My plan is to build it into a style of a desert racer, so think Baja 1000. I'm gonna get a Beetle body from Proline soon and then plan to get new wheels and tires, just really confused at the different sizes...
  3. rudedog03

    Help with tmaxx 3.3

    Hello. I'm working on my little brothers t maxx 3.3. The clutch shoes were broke. I replaced them and the spring. I put it back together and if I start it and hold it up the tires move when I give it gas but when I set it down to drive it, it revs up but does not move. I've got myself stumped on...
  4. G

    Traxxas 3.3 problems

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a used 3.3 T-maxx,since then I have never managed to get the engine to run right, I replaced the carb body due to idle jet hole was stripped out thinking that would be the reason that I have had the following issues, idle up/down on its own, WOT without the car...
  5. olds97_lss

    New tires, new carb (losi 3.4), ended a bad day...

    My wife got me new tires for my b-day. Comparison to traxxas 3.8 geodes with 3.3 tires: This was also my first run with a losi 3.4 carb on my 3.3. I have an OS21TM, but...
  6. Y

    trx 3.3 and diff help

    Hi I'm the not so proud owner of a tmaxx 3.3. I'm the third owner and have had nothing but trouble, I've sealed and resealed the engine a hundred times and still have oil everywhere its spraying from the flywheel, and the header and plastic back plate from the pull start are covered in it. its...
  7. X

    Traxxas Trx 3.3 engine

    Ok so I got a traxxas nitro sport. And just bought a trx 3.3 racing engine for it. Now the problem is that the throttle for the .15 and the throttle for the trx 3.3 are different and I would need to convert the throttle control over to the spring one. But I don't know the circumference or...
  8. chaos2767

    Sold TRX 3.3 complete with header, pipe and EZ start

    Hey guys, I'm doin another motor upgrade so I wont be needing this one. It has great compression and a ton of life left, never overheated and always monitored the temps and kept it around 260-270. I am leaving the current flywheel on it as well so you will just need your clutchshoes and...
  9. chaos2767

    Trx 3.3 owb

    I have a spare roto start backplate for a Savage and I was wondering if I could put a hex style OWB on the TRX motor to use this roto start backplate on my Slayer Pro? I'm sick of the EZ start and I have a Traxxas roto start backplate on my Revo but they are so hard to find now. I just want to go...
  10. R

    trx 3.3 operating temp?

    I know I may sound like an idiot.. but wats the average operating temperature on 3.3 or any motors for that matter????
  11. T

    Trx 3.3

    I picked up a new 3.3 and was wondering if there is a way to change the one way starter bearing back to the hex shape. I have an electric starter but can't put it on the new engine
  12. chaos2767

    Sold Factory new TRX 3.3 motor

    Hey guys, this is a brand new never been opened TRX 3.3 motor. $110 shipped.
  13. scootr

    Trx 3.3 want more mid range..

    Hey guys. Just gone back to the 3.3 after I blew the conrod in my os 21tm. Quite happy to as the os never ran very good. Didn't idle, ran hot, over heated and then if I richened the hsn it turned into a pig and would still cut out.. anyway.. the old rebuilt 3.3 (bearings only) is way more...
  14. E

    Sold FS: Fully modded TRX 3.3 Nitro Rustler

    Up for sale is a fully loaded brand new never run Traxxas Nitro Rustler modified to the max, there are very few built like this. Includes Two Savox SC-1258 high speed digital coreless servos, loaded with a TRX 3.3 racing engine, carbon fiber, Aluminum and titanium goodies, and a new receiver...
  15. stretchnutz

    trx 3.3 carburetor

    So I stripped the fuel inlet on my carb on a trx 3.3 for a tmaxx classic. I know I can get the carb body at my lhs for $16 since the components are still good. My question is is it worth it to just get a diff carb altogether or.just stick with stock? I've heard of traxxas carbs having vapor lock...
  16. J

    WTB: Glow Plugs For TRX 3.3 and OS TM.21

    Looking for glow plugs for a TRX 3.3 and OS TM.21 Send PM for quicker response. Thanks
  17. C

    Trx 3.3 carb

    I need to replace the carb on my 3.3 it's just my back up engine. Should I stick with just a stock replacement or does anyone know of a better carb I can use instead thanks.
  18. Childresshunt

    trx 3.3

    I got a trx 3.3 that I'm pretty sure is about to bite the dust. Just wanting some conformation on this. Motor still runs and runs fairly well still runs great on the high side. and runs great on low side while its only around 150 degrees but once it gets up to 210 220 it bogs on the low side...
  19. J

    Kyosho Inferno and TRX 3.3?

    Just bought a TRX 3.3 at the hobby shop that the guy told me would work on my Kyosho Inferno ST-R but I have two problems...first is that it won't bolt up, which engine mount would work for the inferno? Also, the clutch bell won't go on since the crankshaft is shorter than other motors that I...
  20. A

    Team Infinity .21js or trx 3.3 (multishaft)

    Christmas is right around the corner and I want to replace my good reliable but power lacking vx-16... Can someone tell me what is a good engine for my 1\10 redcat lightning? My friend has a jato 3.3 and i'm getting tired of him doing a wheely while passing me on the street when we race. I've...