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  1. SMaxxin

    Plasti Dip on a 1:1

    Anybody used it on the 1:1? I'm thinking about plasti dipping the wheels on my truck but I'm not 100% sure yet. Earlier today I grabbed an old piece of metal and did a test run with plasti dip with a shiny clear coat. I didn't warm it up or shake it enough so it's not the smoothest but not bad...
  2. Racer 1966

    Father-Son 1:1 Mustang GT Project

    Since i'm not doing a lot of r/c and probably most of us r/c guys are also car guys and a few of you guys said you wanna see it,here is my Mustang GT project thread. How it came to be: I have been wanting to get a project car for years,the lack there-of is why I got into r/c. The problem has...
  3. Rolex

    1:1 Fan conversion

    I've always had a problem running hot while idling for more than 10 minutes with the AC on. It's the Mustang GT 5.0 HO engine with a belt drive clutch fan. I'm wondering if anyone has some advise on what would be required to convert it over to electric. The fan would come out and I'd need...
  4. H

    nitro rc 1:16 scale battery pack HELP!

    I know it sounds bad that I can't do this but its actually really difficult... I have a 1:16 scale RC Nitro Exceed RC Thunderfire truck and I'm having a hard time putting the batery compartment together... NOTHING FITS IN THAT THING! If you can help that would be great, i can get a picture if you...
  5. Nitrobuzzard

    1:1 Truck

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/301082033531?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 -NB
  6. Rolex

    ID some 1:1 cars for me

    A friend of mine is back up in New York for a few weeks and found these 3 cars on his property. Anyone know what year they are or if they are worth selling or just scrapping? I know nothing about Nissans, and I know the other 2 are Willys, but I don't know the years or if there's a market for them.
  7. K

    Post up your 1:1 audio system

    Post up your car/truck audio system along With vehicle make. Let's see what you guys got!
  8. M

    check out for 1:1

    for your street truck. http://www.coolviewthermostat.com/
  9. Racer 1966

    1:1 Bigfoot MT goes Electric

    Check it out HERE http://youtu.be/U41fJ-pd2vE
  10. alpinehyperlite

    Did your 1:1 make the list?

    http://editorial.autos.msn.com/10-best-vehicles-for-the-end-of-the-world Yeaaaa buddy. :first_place:
  11. alpinehyperlite

    My 1:1 Jeep JKU over time build.

    As the title states, this build is going to be going on over a long time. I forget how much 1:1 stuff costs these days. Imma update this thread as I get stuff for my jeep. With the prices n stuff of upgrades I'm adding. Started as a stock 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited. In the first week...
  12. SMaxxin

    1:1 car tires

    I need to buy a set of tires on my wifes car, I'm looking for a touring type tire. I want something that will last and wear evenly, we don't drive in snow or ice. What tire would you suggest?
  13. beason

    Beast Mode! (1:1 crawler)

  14. B

    New 1:1

    Well I decided i didnt want to continue paying what i was paying for my 2011 Crew GMC Sierra but I've never had anything but a truck and since 2005 nothing smaller than a crew. I really didnt want to go foreign or to a midsize but they were all i could get financing on right now. I'm happy with...
  15. RenegadeScout

    here is one of my 1:1's

    my truck wants to be just like the big guys !!
  16. R

    Looking For a Bodyshell For My 1:10 Scale

    I'm after a bodyshell for my car but have had no luck finding it, i really want a Honda Civic FD2 or the Honda Civic FD2 MUGEN RR,like the ones in the pictures below would be great if i could get my hands on one
  17. SteelCityNitro

    1:1 exhaust

    Well everyone, I've been kicking around the idea of putting a cat-back exhaust on my corvette.. I really want to bring out the sound of that LT1 engine.. something that will make it sound mean, but not wake up the dead. Has anyone tinkered with their own rides to get a little more rumble from a...
  18. S

    1:1 car tail lights.

    Long time no see, but I'm back to ask a question! I recently finished my Vw super beetle project, but the brightness of the tail lights are unacceptable. your always in fear of being rear ended because you can not see the tail or signal lights in the daytime. I know there some car guys here so i...
  19. rcnut143

    Sold / Found Getting out of R/C to pay for the 1:1 SALE

    Well its time for a new car so I need some funds to make payments. Here's what I've got. Associated 18r, Brushless Novak Mongoose esc/motor setup with 3s lipo. ESC and motor were $170 and the car itself was $170. I got this from Slowngreen a few months ago and only ran it once. It is VERY...
  20. S

    Changing an oil pan in a 1:1

    Well last night i picked up something on the back roads and put a hole in the oil pan of my 350, i was wondering if anyone knew if i would have to pull the whole engine to change the oil pan? or can it be done with the engine still installed. Thanks in advance, and Happy Easter.