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  1. coldvod

    Crawler/ rock bouncer brushlesss setup recommendations

    I'm making a rock crawler and I want a good mix of speed and low end torque I already own 2 crawlers ( tf2, scx10 2 ) so I don't want a fully crawler focused setup ( torque with little to no speed ) more of a rock bouncer. I would like to stay under 250CAD# I was thinking of the Mamba Micro X...
  2. JezHall

    What is a suitable ESC for these motors?

    I have 2 brushless motors from a job lot. No idea if they are any good? What ESC would you good people reccommend for each? Not too expensive.... Thanks in advance
  3. R

    ELH-6S is very abrupt throttle when going backwards

    HI! i just got a "new" esc because my old one fried up. The HPI team said it was because my bad soldering so they sent me another one. They just put it in the box I sent the old one without the esc box! When i started the esc the first time my car was going just forward and brake, no backwards...
  4. J

    What are the best ESC replacements for the Taxxas Max V1

    My stock Traxxas Maxx v1 esc just quit and I was wondering what the best replacements would be.
  5. K

    Will my motor work with my esc

    So I just bought a hobbywing ezrun 3652 motor but I have a spektrum 120a Esc will the motor work with the Esc even tho it’s not a hobbywing Esc?
  6. JCsRCcar

    For Sale SPEKTRUM FIRMA 2050KV BRUSHLESS motor and Firma 150 Amp Brushless SMART ESC 3S - 6S

    Spectrum Firma 4074 2050KV Brushless motor, ARA8611V5 new never used asking $45 shipped Spectrum Firma 150 Amp Brushless SMART ESC 3S - 6S New never used asking $80 shipped. $120 shipped for both. Again, these are new, not used. All included shipping within the continental 48 states.
  7. birdman375

    Kraton 6s issues

    Howsit guys, basically long story short, picked up second hand kraton 6s Friday night had a few go’s on it without crashing or flipping etc an now all of a sudden the car won’t work, powers up but no steering or power to the motor, Iv cleaned all the connections and recalibrated the esc but...
  8. L

    Reverse polarity damage? No issues so far.

    I recently got my carpet car working and when I went to run it I plugged the leads in backwards. One was fully in and I just barely touch the bullet to the top of the port and a tiny stream of smoke came from the battery hole. I quickly removed the wires from the lipo. If it help I have a protek...
  9. D

    Quicrun 880 in vintage Bullhead - please help

    Hi, I recently bought and installed the quicrun 880 into my Bullhead from 1991. The operation was smooth and programming easy as usual...but one thing keeps giving me headache. The ESC is cutting out from time to time, for example when accelerating full throttle directly from reversing (I've...
  10. B

    Building RC car with Sons

    Hi. I am new to the forum. I build an RC car over 30 years ago. I am getting back into the hobby this time with my sons. I dusted off my old Team Associated 1/10 World Car and we built a RC dirt track in our backyard. Now they are hooked and want cars of their own. I need some help to sort...
  11. V

    Rc drift car function problem

    So to put it straight in the process of building my 2nd rc car I went to test with plugging in my battery. And it immediately sparks before connection and once connected began to fell very hot and almost smoked, but my problem is I don’t know what I have wrong, my wires r soldered on strong and...
  12. B

    Xmaxx Electronic demons

    I have a Xmaxx that I upgraded the ESC to a Max6 esc. After the install I noticed that my steering Servo was turning all the way to one side and the steering throw was limited (10%). This will randomly go away and come back. I have switched the Servo out to a savox 1231 Servo which worked...
  13. X

    Traxxas X-maxx ESC problem won't power off

    My esc powers up when I plug in the batteries. I cannot shut it off unless I unplug the batteries. Also the center red light next to the V stays lit up. I have tried to run it and it only has little to no power. Any suggestions on what this might be? Thank you
  14. Power!!


    Gotta have options
  15. Olliercuk

    Help with ESC Motor and battery combo

    Hi, I’ve got a 1/18 scale maverick ion I’m converting to brushless and have brought a surpass 6200kv motor with a 35A esc on the description I’m being told it’s max current is 75A will the esc be able handle that, I should assume so as they come as a kit... also if I’ve got a surpass 6200kv...
  16. Z

    Help with esc

    I am controlling the EZrun 18a esc from an arduino. I tried many different sketches and the most I could get it to do is vibrate. I read that a vibrating motor could be a broken phase, So I detached the motor and measured each phase of the esc while it was running with a multimeter. The...
  17. davidbeef

    How do i switch to nihm mode program card

    So guys i bought an program card from hobbywing to program my esc to nihm mode instead of lipo mode i dont know how to do this so pls help guys
  18. K

    Dromida Bx4 1/8 motor

    Anyone know a reliable 1/18 motor that will get well over 15mph?
  19. GodsGr8st24

    Vector X12 brushless modified 4.5Turn

    Guys need some advice. I have a brushless Modified vector X12 4.5turn and I want to know what the best ESC setup would be for it?
  20. Ryanmo

    Sensored esc/ motor

    Hello noob here I’m building a Tamiya to-02 rr chassis or I will be once I figure this out. I’ve decided I want a sensored brushless motor around 10 to 14 t I think.... what esc and motor combo would you guys recommend I’m getting confused looking any help would be appreciated