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  1. Power!!


    Gotta have options
  2. Olliercuk

    Help with ESC Motor and battery combo

    Hi, I’ve got a 1/18 scale maverick ion I’m converting to brushless and have brought a surpass 6200kv motor with a 35A esc on the description I’m being told it’s max current is 75A will the esc be able handle that, I should assume so as they come as a kit... also if I’ve got a surpass 6200kv...
  3. Z

    Help with esc

    I am controlling the EZrun 18a esc from an arduino. I tried many different sketches and the most I could get it to do is vibrate. I read that a vibrating motor could be a broken phase, So I detached the motor and measured each phase of the esc while it was running with a multimeter. The...
  4. davidbeef

    How do i switch to nihm mode program card

    So guys i bought an program card from hobbywing to program my esc to nihm mode instead of lipo mode i dont know how to do this so pls help guys
  5. K

    Dromida Bx4 1/8 motor

    Anyone know a reliable 1/18 motor that will get well over 15mph?
  6. GodsGr8st24

    Vector X12 brushless modified 4.5Turn

    Guys need some advice. I have a brushless Modified vector X12 4.5turn and I want to know what the best ESC setup would be for it?
  7. Ryanmo

    Sensored esc/ motor

    Hello noob here I’m building a Tamiya to-02 rr chassis or I will be once I figure this out. I’ve decided I want a sensored brushless motor around 10 to 14 t I think.... what esc and motor combo would you guys recommend I’m getting confused looking any help would be appreciated
  8. Roanoke RC group

    Which brushless 4s ESC???

    I am buying an ESC for my 1/10 4x4 but I don't know which one to go with. I want to buy the Hobbywing SC8, but I also found the Hobbyking X-car 60a (2s-4s) brushless ESC. I only want a cheap ESC that is easily programmable and can take 4s. Would it be worth spending the extra money on the SC8? I...
  9. E

    Opinion/Advice: RC Stair Climbing Robot

    Hi! I was wondering if I could get your opinion/advice. My team is putting together a stair climbing robot with a motorized retrieval system for our Mechanical Engineering class. We will be using 5 DC brushed motors in total: 4 of these motors (https://www.pololu.com/product/1106) and 1 less...
  10. Sledman3064

    Novak gtb

    I have a Traxxas stampede with a Novak GTB ESC, the problem I am having is that every time I turn on the truck it wants to take off , I've adjusted all of my settings on my radio and still nothing happens. The radio I have is a flysky fs-gt3b any help would be great full
  11. WoodiE

    RPM ESC Cage for Traxxas VXL-3S Electronic Speed Controllers

    RPM ESC Cage for Traxxas VXL-3S Electronic Speed Controllers Continue reading the full article
  12. Ericke1

    Help with ESC and Battery Use

    Many years ago I visited Hong Kong RC heaven and pickup this great ESC called Hobbywing XeRun150A and a Hobbywing 2250KV motor for a Team C 1/8 on road. HK RC shops are so cheap compared to here so I was tempted and enjoyed running the vehicle. Here is the link for the specs of both...
  13. jk6672

    Should I buy a fan for ESC?

    I'm putting a RX8 gen 2 and Pro4 HD 4300kv set up in a SCTE, should I purchase the fan? I did purchase the fan when I used the RX8 on my 1/8 buggy, but the SC lids are more open and I figured I'd have more air flow than I do with a buggy.
  14. DerekPike

    New motor/esc Losi Mini 8ight

    So I've been researching a new motor and esc for my Losi Mini 8ight. I just got this last week and it has a Velinion 4000 kv and the original esc in it. I will probably stick with 2s as I'm worried 3s will break things. The first place I looked was Castle...
  15. roger25186

    Suggestion on a ESC & motor combo

    I need suggestions, I am looking at getting an RC8b3e & in need of a esc & motor. I've been looking at the Castle Creations 1/8 Sidewinder with a 2200 kV Castle motor, the Mamba Monster 2 or X with a 2200 kV Manba motor, the Tekin RX8 Gen 2 with appropriate motor(not sure which) finally the...
  16. E

    3s motor esc combo

    my need for speed is getting to me. I have a 1/0 on road car and i would love get it to good speeds. what can you guys recommend? i'm thinking Leopard 10500KV Sensored 3.5T Brushless Motor with mamba max pro. recommendations? I don't want to burn anything. I don't mind if it runs hot as long...
  17. C

    Dromida ESC

    Hey Everyone. My son has a little Dromida buggy that the ESC is acting funny. He soaked it in the snow and now it is not so well. I think the water may have done it in but I am not sure. It will go forward but not in reverse unless you reverse the radio and it will it works great. If you...
  18. E

    mamba max pro question

    hey there, my understanding of this esc is that is rated for 65a 120 burst. I've seen this esc used on castle creations motors rated for 75a max power. how is this working? am I missing something thank you guys.
  19. WoodiE

    Traxxas X-Maxx Velineon VXL-6s ESC Recall

    Traxxas is recalling the X-Maxx Velineon VXL-6s ESC on trucks that where sold between November 19, 2015 and January 19, 2016. "We have identified an issue with the VXL-6s Electronic Speed Control that could lead to fire. We have a fusible link available to solve this issue. The VXL-6s ESC is...
  20. R

    Best Motor and ESC for Traxxas Slash 4x4 Platnium at a Good Price.

    Hey guys I have a Traxxas slash 4x4 Platnium completely stock. I'm wanting to put a new motor and esc and was wondering what's the best one to get for not an outrageous price. I want to go fast and also be able to ride in grass and dirt.