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  1. C

    Dynamite .21 engine

    The dynamite .21 engine that comes stock in the losi 8ight with sidewinder 20% nitro....is an OS#8 plug ok or should I go with the colder R5 plug? Oh I live in south west Florida, usually running in 90* weatger with 80% humidity
  2. A

    Dynamite .19 Mach 2 Engine

    This is my 1st time posting to your forum. I just purchased a Traxxas Revo with a Dynamite Mach 2 designed to be a direct replacement for the Traxxas 2.5 & 3.3 engines. I need some parts for the Mach 2 .19 engine. Apparently, this engine is no longer built and very few replacement parts are...
  3. A

    Should I use this 2010 quick charger on a modern battery?

    The battery is a 7.2v, 6 cell 1400mAh Ni-MH. The charger specs 1500-5000mAh and good for Ni-CD or Ni-MH. I’ve been charging the battery overnight using the 100mAh trickle charger. That takes up to 14 hours to top off. I’m wondering, is my charger outdated for modern Ni-MH batteries? Will a...
  4. Michael.Nitro

    Dynamite Mach .26 engine , losi lst PLEASE HELP!!

    I really need help with my Mach .26 engine , I really need to know the factory carb settings, any websites I check always show different info I already ruined one engine I don't want to make the mistake again. Please help
  5. S

    direct bolt on rotor start conversion for dynamite big red

    Lrp z.28r-z.28r spec. 2/3 pull start rotor start set complete. Part number 38136. This is an offset rotor start that works great with no mods for big red .28 in savage 25. Jus thought I'd share cuz I had no luck with asking anybody so I jus did extensive research and bam it played off. Bout to...
  6. BamaFan

    dynamite .21

    Horizon hobby has there .21 dynamite engines on sale for $69. I was thinking of ordering a few just to have on hand. Do you guys know if this motor will be a direct drop in for a jato? I know the os .21 engine will just not sure about this one.
  7. JatoRevo66

    Dynamite Mach2 .19 in Revo

    I have recently installed a Mach 2 in my Traxxas Revo. Had/having problems with the ez-start and ended up putting a gasket between end plate and ez start. Anyone else have these problem and helpful solutions?
  8. M

    dynamite 2.19

    does anybody here have one of these dynamite engines,I just ordered one to replace my sirio can't find no info on it
  9. D

    Just got a Dynamite Big Red

    Afternoon everybody. As the title states I just got a Dynamite Big Red. I'm going to put it in my Losi Aftershock. If I could get some suggestions on what tooth clutch bell and clutch to run that would be appreciated. I am going to seal the motor before I put it in. If anyone has experience...
  10. R

    Dynamite Mach 2 .19 Pinch bolt

    I have a Dynamite Mach 2 .19 Engine and the pinch or cinch bolt is stripped.. I cannot find anything about where to or how to get one... The question I have is.. Is there a different make or model of engine that I can use the bolt from? I appreciate any and all help with this.. Thank You.. :D
  11. flm_savage

    Sold Dynamite Brushless ESC and 4P motor

    I had this in my 4x4 slash and it ripped on a 2S lipo. Runs cool and is nearly as smooth as the Tekin Pro4 setup that replaced it. It's used but in great shape. ESC is the DYN4850 - water proof, 70A and up to 3S. - 70 shipped Motor is the DYN4950 - 3900kv 4 pole with a 5mm shaft. - 65...
  12. forrest11gump

    Dynamite Mach 2

    Hey guys just got my dynamite .19 Mach 2 and I started breaking it it. Well the problem is it seems like it's extremely rich (I know it's supposed to be for break in) but it didn't have any smoke coming out except when I would full throttle it and it would bog down and never run like other...
  13. jmarcet85

    Dynamite Glo plug starter

    Looking to get a new glo plug starter and I'm wondering if anyone has used the dynamite lipo version I assume they gotta be better then the nimh ones. ---------- Post added at 12:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:59 AM ---------- all suggestion and opinions are welcome thanks for your time
  14. jmarcet85

    Dynamite Platinum .21 xp V2

    Hey guys any know if a v2 can be changed from a bump to a pull/roto start by changing the backplate. Any info would be much appreciated thanks Joe.
  15. jmarcet85

    dynamite plat .21 xp v2

    hey guys was hoping if anyone could tell me if the dynamite plat .21 xp v2 can be converted to spin pull. Just for convenience have a extra one that id like to use and convert rather then getting a new mill. all input would be much appreciated thanks Joe
  16. chaos2767

    Dynamite .19 Mach 2

    I have had this motor now for a few weeks and do have to say that it is a great upgrade from the 2.5. The motor is very easy to tune and does hold a tune well. I swapped to the pull start which the standard Traxxas 2.5/3.3 pul start will work on this motor, just need to pull, clean and lube the...
  17. WoodiE

    Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus 50w Charger

    Dynamite has a new sports hobbyist charger with their Phophet Sport Plus charger. The Prophet Sport Plus offers up to 5A charging current to charge 1S to 6S LiPo or 4-12 cell NiMH batteries. Perfect for surface, air, and marine RC charging purposes. The Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus charger...
  18. H

    Dynamite rcx pull start

    So I have a 1/8th .21s engine rc buggy that takes the dyn6085 pull start but mine broke an there is literally know where that has them in stock does anyone know if this pull start will work. http://www.nitrorcx.com/mad-ea2001.html?gclid=CIXxzIOJgboCFc5FMgodGDkAaA
  19. T

    dynamite pipe

    I just bought a new dynamite pipe for my Revo and having a hard time tunning it. Does anyone have one on there truck that could help
  20. WoodiE

    Dynamite Passport UltraLite Battery Charger Review

    It doesn't matter if you are into cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, electric or nitro - we all need a good charger on our workbench or pit table. With all the battery types out there NIMH, LiPo, LiFe, we need one that will charge them all and any charger that can do more than just charge is...