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  1. J

    Need help getting my Duratrax Street Pro GP to run again after a long long time.

    I have a 2000-2001 Duratrax Street Pro GP that I’ve been trying to get running for the past week. I started off with a new glow plug and I freed the engine up. Now I’m having trouble getting it started and I have no clue why. I’m pretty sure the engine isn’t flooded (I’ve drained it several...
  2. alademann

    My First 1:10 Crawler Build: Laegendary Grando => Axial SCX10 II

    Hi everyone, As I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm building a basher and a crawler for my 2 sons for Christmas. I'll add some more details about the crawler build in this thread. It started out as a Laegendary Grando 1:10 that I got an insanely good price on. What I learned is that...
  3. Guy219

    My project builds

    New to the form. I'm currently doing a long shock conversation on my slash 4x4, a 100% metal trans on my sc10, finishing up my associated b5m, building a speed run buggy out of my duratrax evader, blowing off the dust on my Clodburster. Been sitting sense 1999. And a buddy gave me a first gen...
  4. C

    Need help identifying make and model - Identified, Durtrax Axis.

    Hi, I recently bought an RC lot of planes and misc. this buggy was included. I'm leaning towards it being an OFNA but i can't figure out the model... the only one I've seen like it is on ebay but i think they have the model wrong. This thing actually fired up but i need to locate some front...
  5. 2GMitsubishi

    Duratrax Quaker 1/8 Monster Project

    I got this the other day with a few other trucks.. I got lucky but had no idea just how lucky until I got home. The man I bought them from told me the Quaker had a new engine in it that he hadn't yet started... That looked like BS judging from the outside of the engine. Upon opening the engine...
  6. Ochana25

    duratrax build

    hey everyone so I've built my frankenmaxxx up to the tee so time to move on to another build today i picked up a old school duratraxx street force looks like it needs some front end parts is this completly obsolete or is there parts i can get for it or even is there any custom builds that can be...
  7. R

    Duratraxx overdrive st

    Hey all, A few years ago my friend gave me his overdrive st because he couldn't get the engine running. I tuned it up and had it running great...until one day. I just recently fired the car back up and realized again why I had put it into storage. The engine runs great and everything appears...
  8. B

    Duratrax 835B Unresponsive steering & throttle servos

    Ok I have a new duratrax 835B nitro 1/8 scale buggy, I just got it back from the manufacturer and they replaced the carb under warranty. I took it out yesterday and bashed around with it for a good 2 hours. Ran great the entire time and tuned it a little bit, I got up today and took it out and I...
  9. B

    HELP with new nitro Duratrax 835B Buggy

    Hi guys, I'm new to the nitro rc cars. For the last year I used a friends nitro rc car to play around with and then I finally went out and purchased my own on towerhobbies.com I purchased the duratrax 835B nitro buggy RTR kit, well I got it in and started the break in process. I ran 1 tank of...
  10. Tyler99k

    Duratrax vendetta

    I got a Duratrax vendetta in a trade a few days ago and I am noticing that when giving it throttle it doesn't ease into it it just like there's medium speed and up no low speed it anyone know how to fix this
  11. Bruno B

    Duratrax warhead engine mount

    Hi, would it be possible for someone to give me the dimensions of the duratrax warhead engine mount. I only need the dimensions of the two little pieces in the picture attached. Pleas someone help as I would like to get my truck running without spending too much money. I'd rather remake on...
  12. Bruno B

    Duratrax Warhead

    Hi I bought a Duratrax warhead and I am missing the engine mount and fuel tank. Are there any compatible engine mounts and does anybody have an extra fuel tank or engine mount that they want to get rid of? Thanks
  13. Enuahs

    Teardown and rebuild of a Duratrax Axis

    Had some of this on a RCNitroTalk forum but thought it would be better to put the rest of the work here. So background, a friend found this car and had not idea what it was or how to get it running. I have a couple of Nitro cars that I have fun with as often as I can so I said I would happily...
  14. pjoseph

    foam inside duratrax lockup mt tires turned into confetti?

    I have had the above tires for a few months now, not used very much at all and i now notice on the rear tires if i squeeze them a white sawdust comes out which i take is the foam which has broken down for some reason? what would cause this to happen?
  15. J

    DuraTrax Nitro Evader ST

    Hey there guys,just getting started with R/C and new to the forum. Are there any of you out there that can give me opinions/info on the "old school" DTX Evader. My father in-law gave me his old truck and said it was around 10yrs. old. I intend on getting atleast 1 more ride but also want to keep...
  16. street silence

    Duratrax .18 super tiger gtr

    Well, ever since i got the car smoke is been coming out of the nitro tank. I'm guesing because is burning to much fuel. What do you guys suggest is it that or some other thing? ---------- Post added at 6:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 6:44 AM ---------- Not suggest but think it is?
  17. M

    Duratrax Nitro Evader ST engine inquiry

    Hello everyone, I have a rather old stadium truck that was passed down to me in a non-running condition, but I have since revived it and it seems to run quite well. I do have some concerns about the engine though. The engine that came with the truck is an OS .18 CVR (the stock engine was...
  18. K

    duratrax nitro evader st won't start!!!!!! please help!!!!!

    I just bought this today along with a other truck thats all beat up for parts. I have yet to get the evader started I've done everything I can think of to do and still nothing. It sounds like it wants to start sometimes but nothing and or seems to be dumping a lot of gas out please help someone I...
  19. street silence

    Duratrax 1/10 nissan gtr .18 engine

    Hello guys so i have a duratrax. I have a couple questions, my engine gets to hot and it waste a lot of nitro also i need help please?
  20. L

    Anyone have a Duratrax Warhead EVO.....

    I have a Duratrax evo Nitro MT. It runs pretty good and I have not had any issues except the reverse hub which is made out of soft cast aluminum. I ground the rest of the tab off and tapped it with and 4-40 fastener and ground the head square. Now it works perfect. Kind of resembles a savage...