My First 1:10 Crawler Build: Laegendary Grando => Axial SCX10 II

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Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm building a basher and a crawler for my 2 sons for Christmas.

I'll add some more details about the crawler build in this thread.

It started out as a Laegendary Grando 1:10 that I got an insanely good price on. What I learned is that the Grando is built on the same platform as an Axial SCX10 II. I also learned that Laegendary - seems to have license to resell RiverHobby (VRX / FTX) RC's in the US - like the VRX RH-1052 - which is the exact same as a Grando - minus the shell design.

Anyway, the thing's got a decent 550 motor in it, a 2 speed transmission, triangulated 4 link suspension, steel frame, etc - a decent place to start in my books - especially since my plan was to upgrade lots of stuff right away.

So I started with this Grando:


and I've arrived at this point in the build for how I'll gift it to my kids at xmas:


Here's the full list of what I've done to it that I'll post more details about in the thread over the next few days:

All parts purchased were aftermarket upgrades for an Axial SCX10 II (long wheelbase)
  • 1/4" lift using TREAL aluminum shock hoops
  • Replaced the plastic body mounts with aluminum / carbon fiber ones
  • Replaced the plastic front / rear bumpers and replaced them with aluminum ones, hitch receiver on the rear
  • Added rock sliders to both sides
  • Replaced the plastic drive shafts with aluminum ones
  • Replaced the stock 6kg plastic steering servo with a 35kg brushless metal one: SPT5835w-180.
  • Moved the steering servo off-axle onto the chassis to increase suspension travel / be more realistic
    • Had to swap out the stock steering link with a metal adjustable one to get the geometry correct
    • Had to use spacers on the aftermarket servo mount to get the horn low enough that I only needed one spacer on each side of the steering link connection points to maintain full steering range
  • Replaced the plastic servo horn with a hard anodized aluminum one from Axial
  • Upgraded the H/L Servo from 3kg to 6kg
  • Improved ground stability by adding 50gram 12mm brass hex drive adapters
  • Improved ground stability by swapping out the plastic wheels / tires with 3 piece aluminum bead lock wheels and Duratrax Showdown CR3 Tires
  • Lowered the COG by moving the H/L Servo that was attached above the transmission case to the surface of the rock sliders using a custom mount I came up with using some spare pieces.
  • Lowered the COG / improved balance by relocating the battery in front of the rear axle on a carbon fiber plate
  • Relocated the electronics to an elevated carbon fiber plate near the front axle to make room for a waterproof box for the winch / aux light switch boards.
  • Lots and lots of wire routing / protection / etc to make it rock proof, water proof, etc.
  • Added switched ground effects lighting to the rock sliders and both body support cross-beams
  • Added switched headlights, tail lights, and down-firing rock lights in the front bumper
  • Hand painted diff covers (for now until I grow impatient and buy portal axles)
  • Shaved the body in key areas to make the giant tires not rub
  • Cleaned out the peanut butter from the diff cases and loaded up LucasOil FT 60k diff fluid in the rear, 10k in the front
  • Made custom mounts for roof rack accessories
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