My Slash 2wd build 2.0

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New body, Ill finish cutting out and will paint tomorrow morning. Late night getting me stressed out.


i think the 2wd traxxas' can be pretty durable if done right.
For sure! I am headed to Baker City in oregon and i am taking 4 of my own cars. ill get some pics of them all when we get there. I'm taking my Scx24, My costco Drifter +, My custom slash 2wd, and my ecx amp mt 2wd. sorry for hijacking the thread lol.
Didn't really ran the slash @ the track yesterday. I was having some issues with gear mesh and the slipper. I went up to a 26T pinion and down to a 76T spur. Gonna have to adjust it next time beforehand.
Another thing I don't like is I have to really slow down to actually turn. Idk if thats because if its normal for a 2wd SCT, or if my servo is really slow. Its a cheap amazon one, 20kg of torque, can't remember the specs on the speed.
Did those cutouts, we will see how it preforms, hopefully less parachuting, and more controllable in the air. Half of the reason for that is one the parachuting and the weight bias. The rear is super heavy. thinking of ways for weight reduction or adding weight in the front, so on a jump, the nose won't point up.
The cutouts aren't the best but should work. Don't have a exacto knife but had a blade for one. And I might need a new body reamer since the one I have now is trash.








Uhh yea for that price I'm gonna stick with rear motor. Just using what I have.
The locals say just to stick with rear motor. If I want mid motor then just get a kit like the sc6.4
Uhh yea for that price I'm gonna stick with rear motor. Just using what I have.
The locals say just to stick with rear motor. If I want mid motor then just get a kit like the sc6.4
you know, you could just dremel the battery compartment and make a hackjob out of it. would be work, but also free.
New RPM Mud flaps.
Got new Talon EXT tires for the rustler, but them on here to test the fit and the look. they would like to rub on the new body so I would need to use my old beat up one if I want to use the Talon tires on the slash, or I can find the bigger body mounts and try to raise the body as with this new Jconcepts body, I do not want to trim it up anymore as I want to stick with the short course style body.
With new tires, I can either go with amazon cheapo SCT ones. Expensive ProLine SCT ones. Or Talon EXT truck tires.
All traxxas wheels, tires and bodies are 20 percent off till the end of March. Got the set of Talon EXTs for 42 bucks instead of a regular 60ish bucks.
Also used gorilla tape as a chassis protector. Just wanted to try it out. Chassis is already beat up as is.
But put the clay slicks back on as I am going to the track on Monday for test n tune and practice, to get ready for Beach RC late March (spring break) and is the only time I can go to a track until Beach RC.









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