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  1. zoraduntov

    Restoring my Mugen MBX5T

    I have decided to restore my Mugen MBX5T. Its been sitting in the garage for a few years and has never been fully broken in yet . I'm including some pics. First step is starter box repair.
  2. J

    Keep my MBX5T?

    I have a problem which is a good one to have. I put together a new Losi Eight T 2.0, and then came accross a great deal on a XRay XT8 2009 and I still have my MBX5T with tons of spare parts. They are all converted to brushless. My question is, do I try to sell the MBX5T or just keep it as a...
  3. B

    What is My Mugen MBX5T worth?

    It has new arms all around, new diff cases, all new axles, and a Dynamite .26 that has never been fired. The pipe is a JP3, and it has an XP steering servo that is 297 "oz @ .11 and a throttle servo that is 176" oz @.11. Hoping for some help. I have never sold anything yet and I am wondering...
  4. J

    Bought used MBX5T $300

    HI I bought a MBX5T Prospec at my local track for $300. It has a spektrum DX3, a Mamba ESC/Motor, Tekno Electric conversion, JR 8711 steering servo and two 18.5v lipos. Did I do as well with this purchase as they guys at the track are telling me? This is my first venture into 1/8 scale.
  5. yeroc1982

    Mbx5t bodies

    I bought a kit cpl years ago and hate the style of the body. I like the ones that are flat all the way to the back right after the back window. Here is a pic of what i dont like.
  6. yeroc1982

    Will this box work for my mbx5t?

    Found this online locally, wondering if i can use it with my mbx5t, has the lrpz.28s3.
  7. 2revo1maxx

    Mbx5t tank on revo

    So I had a chance to test my new mbx5 tank on my revo today. Seems to work good, but every time I hit the brakes then take off again, it cuts out due to an air buuble in the line. I've got 18 inches of line, but should I try adding a large filter to allow the bubble a chance to push through? I...
  8. T

    Mugen MBX5T

    RESERVE PRICE IS $300!!!!!
  9. yeroc1982

    Mbx5t brake adjustment.

    I need to adjust my braking but don't really know how. I tried to do it but I can only adjust it alittle it seems
  10. MotoGod

    Sold / Found Mugen MBX5T Truggy Roller

    Up for grabs. Mugen MBX5T Prospec Roller. Chassis has @ 3 gallons on it. A few upgrades here and there. Custom painted body (nothing special). Comes with no electronics, no motor/pipe, no radio. You will get the Complete Chassis with suspension, wheels, and a body. I also have a spare set...
  11. yeroc1982

    which pipe for lrp.28 on mbx5t?

    Which pipe should I look at buying?
  12. yeroc1982

    Getting a mbx5t tomorow!! Yay

    I had a savage x that I got rid of and I kept the electronics and motor. The motor is lrp z.28r s3 with the rotostart on it. Will that fit on to the mbx5t?I'm also putting in my spektrum radio and servos. I'm buyin it as a kit so I will have alittle time before I get to run it. Hope it's worth...
  13. yeroc1982

    Lrp z.28r s3 rotostart in MBX5T?

    I just want to know if the rotostart will work on the mbx5t truggy cuz I'm buyin the mbx tomorow and already hav the lrp.28 with rotostart from my savage x.
  14. yeroc1982

    Mugen MBX5T

    Anyone own one or know anythin about it? I have a savage x but its always breaking and i want somthing that can take jumps better and better handeling. Savages are good, but its not cuttin it for me, kinda cheaply made.
  15. R

    Sold / Found MBX5T Roller

    Hi out there, I´m looking out for a Mugen MBX5T Roller. If there is something left anywhere and somebody is willing to ship overseas it would be my pleasure to get in contact with you. Kind regards, Jens
  16. Monkey Wrench

    Sold / Found WTB: Mugen MBX5T Screws

    This may be a long shot, but what the heck. I am in need to two (2) 3x23 cap head bolts and threads for my Mugen MBX5T. These specifically are the ones that hold the shock mounts to the shock tower. Yes, I could order them from one of the usual online places, but the shipping cost is...
  17. Brushlessboy

    MBX5T Prospec Diffs

    I am in the process of building my Prospec, (its my first Mugen) and was stunned to discover that unlike most kits the diffs didnt have bearings for the output shafts. They just have steel collars, and even though I did my very best I now have a very slight weeping of diff oil. Do they have a...
  18. Brushlessboy

    MBX5T Prospec

    Hi y'all, (is that right?) Just opened a box with an MBX5T Prospec in it, but now need a mill. I have a Sirio Kanai EVO III, an Axial 28RR, and a Nosram RS.28 EVO Monster. I need to know if one of these would be perrrrrrrfect for it, or if I should pick up something else. I bought the Sirio...
  19. C

    New MBX5T Prospec Owner Question

    Hey I am new here and I just bought an MBX5T Prospec and pretty much finished building it today. I am thinking about buying a Ninja 21 for the motor (is this a good choice?). Anyways, is it common for the spur gear to hit the carbon fiber radio tray? It has an indentation/slot for it but my...
  20. S

    Mugen MBX5T vs Ofna Jammin CRT. HELP

    Ok guys I'm coming to you once again. I have a lsp with tons of upgrades and i love it I've had it for 3 years and i have came to a conclusion that it has let me down to many times(front uprights). Now its time to get a new one for next year. I have gottin it down to 2 different truggies. Mugen...