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I’m currently building the Tekno MT 410 kit. I’m curious if the Hobbywing EZrun Max8 2600kv motor/ESC combo is a good choice as a starter combo set for this kit? The only thing is it comes with TRX plugs. Is it easy to swap them out with Deans Plugs?Thank you for your assistance.


Dekalb, IL
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Depends. If you want to run 4S, then it should be good, but if you want to run 6S, I'd go with a bit lower kv, 2200 likely being the max.


Dekalb, IL
RC Driving Style
I don't know the truck, just was comparing to what I do have and when I ran 4S in all 3 of my 6S trucks. Two were powered by castle esc's comparable to the max but with 2200kv motors. On 6S, the 2200kv motor's really howled and ran on the warm side. So if you were to run 6S with a 2600kv, I'd have to guess it would also run warm since the MT410 is basically a 1/8th scale truck (diffs/drive train) in a smaller chassis.

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