How's the weather been?

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We had a beautiful weekend! However, it looks like winter could be returning with a vengeance in the next several days.
We got Reed Timmer (world's greatest tornado chaser) taking interest in our neck of the woods again. He did a live stream yesterday warning people that the upcoming storm could be a really bad one. The last one he put out an alert about did a boatload of damage in Ohio a few weeks ago. It's scheduled to hit us this evening and from the looks of it, it's moving more north than predicted, which is more bad for me.
Storms around here typically aren't that bad. We do get some pretty strong thunderstorms with high winds in the Spring but only last about 20 minutes or so.
Years ago before the landlord cut it down, I had to drive around during a storm so the limbs wouldn't fall on my truck.
That tree was a terrible limb thrower during a storm.
Right now the weather is beautiful here. I drove down the reservoir and it's super low but looks like it's starting to rise.
BLM put out the porta-pottys and the trash bins. It's time...
Breydon was nearly in the path of a big tornado. Just missed him. Been a REALLY scary morning for Evansville, IN and I have been freaking out. The white circle is the tornado. The red dot is Breydon.
View attachment 187091got tornado weather this way
At least the rain is going to clean your rock garden 😄

Stay safe man. Looks like you're only going to get the tail end of it.

Breydon made it through ok. Scardest I have ever heard him on the phone. Evansville took a bit of damage in various areas.
We've got a messy system coming into New England: rain, snow, and wind. It's gonna be hanging around for the next 3 days.
Well, I would rather have rain right now. We've got rain, turning into snow, then it'll be a mix today, then snow again through the overnight. A wonderful sloppy lasagna of precipitation for the next 48hr......of which I'll be commuting through 3 more times.
So, yeah, I wished I only had rain.
18 to 24 inches here in Maine. Wet heavy snow. Plow guy says a 4 x plow. $$$$. At least we have a standby generator. :cool: We are retired and did all our chores before the storm. :thumbs-up:, No driving today. Beef Florentine tonight. 😁
No power but running on the generator, Have the net and tv. Life is good. But we are getting slammed. Hopefully we can recover tomorrow. 🤷‍♂️ . At least we have food and stuff. And the weekend to make it right. :thumbs-up: