How's the weather been?

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I've looked at every riding lawnmower and even watch CL in the barter section.
They just want ridiculous prices for them.
I almost bought one a few years ago but for some reason I don't remember, I didn't.
That was the thing about the Swishers. They were dirt cheap. If you can find an old one, they were amazing little mowers. My dad had a small engine repair shop, and they were my favorite to do test runs on because they were so much fun to ride. I almost always did the entire 1 acre yard we had when I did get to ride one. And the only thing we ever did to them was sharpen the blade, change the oil, and tune them up. Can't beat em.

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And @Xraycer ;)
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Wind finally subsided, so it was a gorgeous day today! A tease of spring, but it's still mid March, so I'm not buying into it just yet.
Got up to 75 today. Changed into shorts when I got home. Just got back from a nice evening walk.

Mid 60s tomorrow and rain :(
Cooler than it's been for the past couple of weeks, but 40's not bad for March, up here.
Looks like we've got some wet weather coming this weekend.