How's the weather been?

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Going to Myrtle Beach next week (Hopefully)

Yea not so great weather.

Monday - Driving down there - 64 - cloudy
Tuesday - 67 - cloudy
Wednesday (Beach RC Day) - 70 - 54% Rain
Thursday - 69 - 57% Rain
Friday - 64 - Cloudy
Saturday - Leaving - 66 - Cloudy

So yea not going to do beach and pools sadly. Unless the weather changes.

Maybe the rain isn't that bad. Some go karts would be nice. In the rain, makes it more fun.
Also considering not to bring the basher tires for the cars, idk yet. I probably will bring them. If I can find a spot to bash. Or just bash around the resort.

But inorder for me to go I need to get my work in and grades up so cya. 😅🫠
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Shoveled about an inch of slush off the driveway yesterday morning. The rest of the day was just rain.
Sunny, but cold right now. Should stay dry here until Tuesday.
I absolutely no likey "Hell's Front Porch"! "The Pollening" is the 2nd worst. While I don't really have allergies, my kids do. We have an abundance of oak trees here, so everything is covered in a yellow powdery film.
Rain yesterday, cloudy today. In fact cloudy for the next ten days with a chance of rain.

My weather man has lost his friggin head.

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Yep I’m alone at work and that system is heading in. Thankfully it’s not quite as powerful as it’s going to be once it crosses the Mississippi River
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@Tunedfrog can't even stay right-side up on a regular kayak. What are his chances with something so poorly hydrodynamic as that thing?! 😆
You could fill the legs with air. So floaties for the Kayak.