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I just had to say hi to the nitrorctalk.com/T-maxx community... (well, how many are we anyways? lol)
Nice looking forum!

Thank you websmaster!

PS: WHoah!!! I just noticed! The attach File feature KICKS BUTT!!! 10MB's??? Woooohoooo!!! :bandit:
no doubt there will be a few more coming over when the word gets around
are you the websmaster, Bronco?
no not the web master .. just a plain old user
Wahoo! This place rocks...it's so functional and clean...

Woodie is the site admin...
Yeah, I think the whole thing is tight. I like all the different features that traxxas doesn't have...
I agree, I like the banana:banana:

Lots more smilies too. hehe

This forum is the best i've been too:banana:
the bananna kicks serious butt,:banana: heh, look he dances whooo


good site woodie:beard:
this site is going to be proven to be one very very good site. Many peeps are going to make the transition from traxxas to here. but how many people are going to stay on both ???/
I will stay with both atleast untill this one gets the number of hits that Traxxas does then???????:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: WHO KNOWS:D
Hi guys how ya doing? I just joined today, I`m on traxxas also BAM72778, but just wanted to let everybody know I`ll help out if I can. I`m so glad that these sites are available. I get so much help out of them I`d be lost without `em. THANKS!!
When more peeps come here i'll be here more, i'll still be on Traxxas cause i got over 1400 posts:banana:
I like this board to I will us both of them. I like the banana too