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  1. >BD

    Anyone use Clod Tires on an Axial Wraith?

    Has anyone else used these on a wraith axle rig or any other clod tire?
  2. SchrodeMode

    SchrodeMode's Axial Wraith

    I'll more than likely be ordering a new Poison Spider Wraith in a week or two as a birthday gift for my self (from my daughter), but I'm stuck on battery options. I am currently deployed and am having a hell of a time finding any lipos for it, so I'll be running Nimh packs for now. Does anyone...
  3. bobaloohoo

    Axial Wraith keeps burning up motors

    So about a week back I was running my wraith hardcore through the mud and hillclimbing and my motor went up in smoke. It was not a surprise because of the extra load of mud and such, so I decided I would go out and get a 27 turn motor and try and have less heating issues.... It didnt help...
  4. bobaloohoo

    Brand new Axial Wraith!

    This was right after I ran it for the first time, before i made any modifications! First run was a blast!!! I've now located my battery to the front, hinged my hood so it opens like a real jeep, lowered my suspension, put a savox 200oz servo in it and flipped the shock/four link mounts upside...
  5. rollinlow

    Axial wraith build

    After selling my 4 door trailfinder I've always wanted a wraith so I used some of the money to buy a kit I'm gonna build it up mostly stock front the start but that want stay for long My plan is to cut up a Toyota body and make fit the wraith which is gonna look cool Got the kit in just a...
  6. T

    Warm/hot esc and motor Stock Axial Wraith!

    Ok so here is the Breakdown!! I got the Axial wraith about two weeks ago, along with 2 Venom 4000mAh 2's I did the battery relocation and but the esc in the passenger floorboard. I have only ran it a couple times for a small period of time about 10 min each time. I stripped my stock servo horn...
  7. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found Axial Wraith Kit Roller FS

    I dont want to do this, but I have decided to put "Mad Mike" into a differant scaling rig. This rig will be sold as a roller and will need esc/motor & rx/tx. Build Thread HERE Here Are The Details: Axial Wraith 4WD Scale Rock Racer MIP Shafts F&R Proline Racing Jeep Rubicon Body...
  8. R

    axial wraith build

    hi there this to to anyone that could help with decisions I'm putting a list together for a build was wondering if anyone could tell me if this will all work together. RC4Z-R0006 transmitter+reciever AX90020 wraith kit CSEM0115 esc sv3 sidewinder AX24007 axial am55 540 55t...
  9. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found FS/FT - Axial Wraith Nik-Naks

    I am selling just because I dont need these stock Axial Wraith nik-naks.. Prices include shipping rates to lower 48 USA. Brand New 2.2 Axial Ripsaw Tires (Minus Foams) (4) $30 Shipped Brand New 2.2 Black Axial Wheels That Come Stock With The Kit $20 Shipped Stock Axial Wraith Full Body...
  10. HPI-Killer

    Trail Blazin Axial Wraith Part 1

    Also located in my Wraith build thread, but would like to seperate this from that for those who dont chime in on my builds. almost 13 minutes long but worth it if you enjoy my other flicks. Enjoy & comment please :D Trail Blazin Axial Wraith Pt1 - YouTube
  11. Non Crimen

    Sold / Found Axial Wraith

    *now for sale About half a year old Comes with 2 sets of tires and wheels(1 set are beadlocks) 3 sets of shocks: stock set, set of savage X shocks, and a set of Red aluminum oil less shocks that I not sure of brand wise. I have done some "mods" to lower the center of gravity and lower the...
  12. WoodiE

    Extreme Duty XVD Axles for Axial Wraith from RC4WD

    RC4WD has just released extreme duty XVD axles for the Axial Wraith. RC4WD completely redesigned the new extreme duty axles from the ground up to allow extreme steering angles and built to handle heavy power. These have been team tested for many months and approved by the best team in the...
  13. Non Crimen

    [Cheap] Suspension mod for Axial Wraith!

    Hey guys So I revived my HPI savage X shocks in the mail today. I wasted no time to install them only to have issues.... The shocks were so long that I had major binding issues. With the help of YouTube videos I watched a while ago I remembered seeing some mods for a cheap lowering kit with...
  14. MudSlinger33

    New Axial Wraith

    I just received my new winter project in the mail today and I need some input from you crawler guys. This kit will be built into more of a "rock crawler" rather than a "rock racer." I would like to upgrade as I build, so any one with ideas, please share. As of right now all I have to work with...
  15. J

    Sold / Found WTT for Axial Wraith or Brushless E Maxx

    I have a t maxx 4907 model that is less than a year old that I am looking to trade for an axial wraith or brushless e maxx. Truck has always been well maintained and stored right. After run oil used after every run no matter how long the run was. Always cleaned the truck pretty well after a run...
  16. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found FS/FT FEELER: Axial Wraith RTR

    For some reason I want my SCX10 back, the rig is not officially up FS but will open up to a equal trade or cashed out. This rig has had MAYBE a dozen runs, 95% of which were on a hiking trail. Has no bent or busted pieces and works as good as when I opened her up. Comes with original box, all...
  17. HPI-Killer

    --HPI-Killers Axial Wraith Thread--

    Once again, I have made another build/pic thread for my new rig. This thing is bone stock for now untill I get out of my "situation" but anywho, pictures will come once I get the glued tires off the wheels and weights on the wheels. Stay tuned!
  18. WoodiE

    Axial Wraith Rock Racer

    Axial's new 1/10th scale 4WD rock racer, the Axial Wraith is another first for Axial with the first and most realistic ready-to-run full tube-frame that has been manufactured with high strength composite materials. The Axial Wraith is not just another, go slow rock crawler, but instead is also...
  19. slowngreen

    Axial Wraith

    Pre-order for now. Should be a nice out of the box class 3 rig.