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  1. Tertianend

    My Projects - Hobao Hyper 7 - Team Durango DNX8

    Hey everyone just thought I would share my latest projects my 2001 Ofna Hyper 7 and my Team Durango DNX8 Nitro buggy’s. I’m just waiting on a set of Flexytub shock covers for both cars and a Novarossi Mito GT5/17 arriving to try out in an onroad set up on the Durango DNX8. 2001 Ofna Hyper 7...
  2. Boomwestlos

    O-rings for Picco .26max

    Wassup I'm Ray. My picco .26max is in need of O rings for the low speed needle. Does anybody know where i can purchase?
  3. D

    Picco Throttle setup

    hey, I'm working on the slowest project ever, recreating my old Picco powered Revo Platinum and I can't for the life of me remember what I used for throttle setup. can anybody point me in right direction? got the ofna mount and Picco .26 max. Thanks in advance
  4. Adron boyd

    Picco maxx .21

    Hello my name is Adron. I am from Albuquerque New Mexico. I just purchased a picco Max 21 Turbo EZ start for my T-Maxx 3.3. I have gone through 23 tanks almost a full gallon... and the engine is still very sluggish. I have just added 30% VP Nitro to it. My glow plug is p3 os Ultra hot. The 30%...
  5. U

    .15 to picco 26max

    Will this engine fit my .15 tmaxx and is it hard to fit in and if any what needs to be replaced for it to work?
  6. L

    Picco .12 clutch problem

    I got an rc10gt from a coworker with a still in box Picco .12r sg. I've found that the threaded portion is 1/4-28. I've measured the shaft where the clutch bell would go and it's .195 and the bell is .313. Where would I get bearing to fit that? How else could I mount the clutch bell? Is there a...
  7. D

    Picco Off Road Buggy

    Good afternoon everyone. My son traded his associated sc10RS for a Picco off road buggy. The engine has good compression. The engine runs ok. Needs some tuning. I have done some research and seen the buggy was discontinued. I looked on several sites for parts availability and haven't had...
  8. I

    Picco Pmax .21 Turbo Engine

    I recently purchased a RB modded Picco Pmax .21 Turbo engine, and dropped it in a Slayer original chassis!! A GREAT rig!! Anyone else have this rig, and have any input about it??
  9. M

    Revo Picco Red Dot Carb issue

    Hi All!!!! Well, my Revo rebuild is very nearly complete! Bought as a roller and chatting to you lot on here I've added the following: THS Big Block pipe (for rear of Revo) Big Block adapter for above Savox single steering servo 17Tooth clutch bell (36T spur existing) Ofna Mount for Picco...
  10. S

    Picco .21 Nitro RC Engine- Help Wanted (Tuning,idleing)

    Hi I'm fairly new to the whole Nitro stuff so this might be a little confusing on my part to explain :P : For Christmas my Fiance got me a Custom Built Nitro RC Monster Truck from TRAXXAS, It was fully broken in and tuned to run rich but I've been told by the guy who built it that I need to...
  11. jmarcet85

    Novarossi plus 28/7 ps or Picco Boost .28 5TR

    Hey guys going to be buy on of these engines tomorrow so I'm looking for so opinions on which one to go with. They both have great reviews but I can't make up my mind. Going to be replacing my axial .28rr 2 in my savage. Thanks in advance for replies. Joe
  12. Nitrotrout

    Sold / Found OFNA/Picco .26 WP3 Cooling Fins

    Up for sale I have a Picco .26 cooling head never used. Button not included, this is strictly the cooling fins. Excellent condition with a few minute nicks on the fins. Six bolt pattern with 30mm between bolt holes. $25.00 OBO
  13. C

    picco .26 outlaw cooling head

    hey am quite new here, so please feel free to give me any directions if this has been posted in the past, I have rebuilt a picco .26 outlaw , but sadly it is missing its cooling head (p/n 2257 cooling head),, please if anyone can help can you tell me if the picco .26 max (p/n 51445...
  14. N

    .21 Picco Max Tuning Problem

    Here we go! I've had this motor on the truck for a long time (6-7 years). It sat in storage for most of that time. I got it out and decided to get her going once again. I bought new fuel, installed a new pull starter, new glow plugs and ensured everything was in good working order. I ended up...
  15. Greywolf74

    Picco .28

    So I just discovered during the past 2 years I've been gone that my favorite engine the Picco .28 has been discontinued. Any one know of another good quality Italian mills for around $200?
  16. M

    ofna picco mount - new version?

    I'm looking for the newer version of the ofna mount for the picco .26 max. the one that is billet aluminum, not cast. I'm looking at two on ebay and from the pic it looks like they're the two versions. Can anyone confirm this? ofna mount on ebay - cast? ofna mount on ebay - billet?
  17. Racer 1966

    Sold / Found Ofna Linkage Kits - Picco Mount - Cooling Heads

    With my return to active r/c looming on the horizon,I decided to get a jump start on the funding. Here are some items I no longer need. These were items to go with my custom parts but I am no longer able to pursue that venture. First up - Ofna Linkage kits. These are great for the Savage...
  18. Bkyd Basher


    So is it true?I can't get any rebuild parts for my picco.26? If so that really sucks because I just pulled mine apart and there's metal shavings inside! So basically I have a 300$ piece of crap!!!
  19. bobaloohoo

    Picco boost .28 or LRP zr.32 for Savage XL?

    I want you all to chime in on your opinions, unbiased on what you run. i just want to know the stock engine opinions(no modded opinions) I've heard great things of both. I'm not racing, just bashing. but i do jump around and have fun with buddies racing jokingly. strength,speed,torque is what I'm...
  20. T

    picco .26 red dot jl

    I need a carb for a picco .26 red dot. Can't find one anywhere. Looked online and in LHS. Even called manufactures. Called out of state shops and asked everyone. Anyone know if there is another carb that will fit? Have one laying around you don't need?