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  1. olds97_lss

    For Sale Clearing some room. Well used jato and an old OFNA buggy.

    Looking to clear a shelf. I have a well used jato and an old OFNA buggy I picked up a few years ago. I used to run both of these a lot more before my running areas all kind of dissolved. Now if I run anything, it's a MT. I haven't run either of these in over a year. While they aren't new, they...
  2. Jiffy19633

    Ofna clutch

    I have ofna nexx8 I just put a new .28 eng new clutch.new clutch bell and bearing and springs broke the eng in at the end of three tank full the clutch was gone worn down to the springs the clutch bell is no good it full of aluminium stuck to it and the truggy was not beat on i drove it only spurts
  3. Sweetlou069

    question about aluminum upgades

    hi so again for the ofna lx 2, i just bought lower front and back arms in aluminum for it, i changed it n i love the flashy look it gives, so i was thinking of buying the upper arms front and back , also the front caster block and the steering linkage all in aluminum... my question is if i hit a...
  4. J

    What is this?

    Can anyone tell me what make and model this is? I want to rebuild it but can't start until I know for sure what it is.
  5. Pit bull kinda guy

    Ofna ultra lx ones???

    So I compared mine and my dads Ofna ultra lx ones but battery box placement and a few other things are different what's up with that is one a lx pro and the other one a regular lx1 ??
  6. Pit bull kinda guy

    Ofna ultra lx one parts

    I have aan Ofna ultra lx one that needs a bunch of parts but icant find any what are some sites that i can find them at
  7. A

    For Sale Ofna Jammin X1 CRT (eBay)

    Selling my Truggy that I actually bought from another forum member last year or so. Listed up on eBay but thought I might post it up on here as well just so nobody interested misses it. Starting bid is not much more than the cost of just the servo's brand new. Link ...
  8. Pit bull kinda guy

    Ofna upgrades

    ok I have an ofna ultra lx 1 I'm trying to turn it into a top quality race buggy what upgrades do yall recommend
  9. Pit bull kinda guy

    Ofna lx ultra

    ok I have a himoto torpeda and an ofna ultra lx which one would be best for higher level racing
  10. 2revo1maxx

    Ofna .28 in maxx, bare minimum requirements?

    I sold my .26 to a friend in need, so now I have an excuse to build the maxx up again. I know I need a mount, but is that all I need to get the .28 up and running?
  11. J

    OFNA .28 Flywheel

    Hey guys just got an engine second hand. has good compression. Need to change the fly wheel. wondering if it pulls off like all the other ones i have done or is it different. If it pulls off its really tight dont have a good gear puller.
  12. hotrodrob

    For Sale/Trade ofna lx2 fuel tank

    I have this brand new Ofna LX2 fuel tank I ordered from dollar hobbies off evilbay "thats for you grey wolf"...they gave me some bs about returning it and it would actually cost me so if anyone wants it for like 12$shipped let me know
  13. A

    Ofna x1 CRT help

    So I picked up a used Ofna X1 CRT last year that had a huge motor in it. Decided I wanted to race so I picked up a Werks B2 .21 engine on a budget. Ran break in tanks etc. Fast forward to this year and I'm trying to get it running right. Many people have helped tune it, nobody can get it to...
  14. hotrodrob

    ofna rebuild

    So here's the story with this rebuild... I have a brother,he's gunna be 13 in a couple months,and I've basically been waiting his whole life for him to start wanting to hang out with me,well since this past summer we've been spending a lot of time together mostly fishing,..we talk about all...
  15. pralexander

    any experience with ofna hyer ss?

    Thinking of buying the hyper ss RTR. any one have any experience with it?
  16. RCNUTZ

    OFNA Nitro HYPER MT ?

    What do you guys think of the OFNA NITRO HYPER MT? Looks well built from what I can see . Looks like Steel gears in Trans and Spur. What are your Thoughts? Wanted a Savage XL but reading about 3 speed issues and Motor Issues...
  17. M


  18. M


    HELLO, I JUST PURCHASED A BRAND NEW OFNA BUGGY8 .28 nitro and I am interested in installing a two speed transmission , would it fit from another Ofna car,I am new to this hobby and know very little. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanx!
  19. Nitrotrout

    Sold OFNA/Picco .26 WP3 Cooling Fins

    Up for sale I have a Picco .26 cooling head never used. Button not included, this is strictly the cooling fins. Excellent condition with a few minute nicks on the fins. Six bolt pattern with 30mm between bolt holes. $25.00 OBO
  20. swervin

    Ofna X3GT

    Does anyone have this car or know anyone that does? I'm looking for a inside opinion about this car ......