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  1. J

    Hpi limited edition e savage

    Hi guys I need any info possible on the hpi e savage quad with rider.. Old school. Any help appreciated.
  2. goodgamer

    E-Savage Upgrades?

    A buddy of mine has an E-Savage that stripped the stock steering servo. I told him put a Savox in it I put one of mine in it to show him and it killed the battery very very fast. It has the stock ESC. What new one should I put on ESC and servo wise? $200 is the budget. Thanks!
  3. R

    Sold / Found E-savage

    I just bought this truck but some things came up and i really need the cash, Has only been run once, Includes: everything that came with truck( batteries, charger,manuals,radio, stock box and tools) 2 onyx 5000mah nimh batts that were purchased with the truck id like 225+ shipping
  4. Rolex

    Sold / Found E-Savage body mounts

    Who's got these body mounts for an E-Savage. Either one of each or 2 of the ones on the bottom.
  5. R


    Okay i got a great deal on an e-savage ( not the flux) what savage truck parts cross over?? i can't find rpm arms or anything specifically for the e savage truck
  6. ThunderTiger

    Want To Upgrade: HPI E-Savage

    So, another of my "projects" is to upgrade me e-savage's motors and ESC. Not worried about going BL, but bit iffy on LiPo as i'm not too up on the lingo of the batteries. Anyone have any idea as to what i can do to give this thing some more pep ?? I already have an idea viz upgrading...
  7. Draggo42684

    Anybody run an E-Savage?

    I'm looking for an electric monster truck basher, just looking for some feedback. Don't recommend the Flux HP I'd love to have it but I don't have the money to fork out for it.
  8. ThunderTiger

    E-Savage Diff help needed

    Here goes............... I Recently "bit the bullet" and made a change from nitro (well, i bought 2 nitro revo's in the same deal) for the time being as it's more of an "instant" grin, iand i can run at wierd hours of the night without annoying neighbours. Wednesday: Bought a USED E-Savage...
  9. beason

    Sold / Found looking for body for e-savage

    I am getting an e-savage soon and want to change the body to a truck. (coming with a car body :\) I'm not sure what fits but I'm assuming since its a 10th scale that 2.5 maxx size bodys would fit. I would like one that doenst have a bunch of holes cut out and in decent shape. anyone got one they...
  10. flm_savage

    Sold / Found E-savage Diffs

    These are the best money can buy. They are the GCM V2 Twin diffs. they run 106 a piece new from GCM. To date, nobody has broken the internals. one of them has chipping on the ring gear but its still usable. A new ring will run you around $10. The ring gear is actually captured in the diff...
  11. flm_savage

    Sold / Found GCM Ex-Arms, CVD's. E-savage BEEF

    I've got a full set of GCM Ex-Arms, CVD's, knuckles, C's, and the bumpsteer kit up for sale. They have knicks here and there but they are in good shape overall. We all know GCM makes a solid product. I found the memory card for my camera today and then lost it again so here is a picture from...
  12. flm_savage

    E-savage Diffs

    A few months ago i popped the diffs in my e-savage. i have two options. option 1: GCM twin diffs. they are bulletproof but run $106 a piece. GCM is top of the line and i have over $400 worth of their stuff installed right now. $212 for diffs just seems pricey to me. option 2: the full...
  13. h8z2luze

    E-savage help plz

    Well I broke one of the axles that goes from the diff to the wheel. Is there any upgraded ones I can stick on there? I'm guessing MIP probably makes some...
  14. Webbage

    E-Savage Rolling Chassis - worth it?

    I've been offered a E-Savage rolling chassis (no motors, ESC, receiver etc.) for a very good price (provided it's in good condition). You guys think it's worth grabbing even if it's missing the electrics? Am I gonna get legged up by the electrics being really expensive to buy?
  15. h8z2luze

    Sold / Found WTB: E-Savage diff case

    I need a diff case for a esavage I messed mine up lol. EDIT: NEVERMIND GOT IT ALREADY!
  16. h8z2luze

    E-Savage FIXED!!!

    Well I finally got the parts and fixed the e-savage New motors and 4 3800 nimh battery packs. I think 2 runs will be a pretty good time. those should last what about 15-20 minutes? Here is some updated pics. Put the tmaxx tires on it. They look decent.
  17. flm_savage

    Sold / Found E-savage Roller

    This thing has the works! HPI E-savage Sport - $275 Hitec 5955 steering servo - $115 GCM Roadboy brushless TVP - $78 GCM Chassis braces - $16.50 GCM Exarm's - $138 GCM CVD's -$98 Kershaw center CVD's - $35 2 x MaxAmps 8000Hv 2S lipo's $300 LST2 Shocks - $75 I can get some recent...
  18. BOUTCH

    Another E-Savage question...

    Hi!! I already asked that before but never got and anwser. My e-savage's motors makes alot of noise and creates some drag. And its really pissing me off of why it is doing this...:help:
  19. E

    can the e-savage....

    What can the e-savage do . Like can it go in water mud. Is it ford tuff like traxxas.:\
  20. flm_savage

    Sold / Found Stock e-savage electronics

    I have the stock esc and both GT 550 motors for sale. I have changed the plugs from tamiya to deans but the entire setup is mint. I ran it for about 10 minutes to see how it was stock and its really not that bad. Enough torque to pop wheelies easily and it actually ran alot faster than i...