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  1. B

    Mgt brushless conversion

    So I seen a few brushless mgts here and have watched a bunch of videos. Has anyone done it and what exactly do I need? I’m thinking of doing one. I def prefer to do it like a 1/8 scale buggy diff and get rid of the trans.
  2. D3MON

    Pro-Line Powerstroke 6025-00 (Pre-Slash)

    I know i can't be the only one with these anymore and trying to search online has been excruciating to search for as they have the same "name" as the newer ones released for the slash, (i guess they aren't really that "new"). so with some research and intense squinting at over-zoomed pixelated...
  3. D3MON

    New to me Associated MGT .21R Revival

    I Have a thread for my first MGT so I figured id start a thread for the newly acquired one that i am going to be fixing back up and get back to working order. off the bat the truck is missing a shock per corner, it is missing the spur, luckily i had bought an extra RRP for the first MGT, and...
  4. D3MON

    Getting back to running MGT 4.6

    well, on the road to getting my associated MGT 4.6 back to running, and in working order after some years of not running it. and re learning what was wrong when i had to leave it in storage (really wishing i had been able to fix everything beforehand instead of having to learn what was wrong...
  5. Hevymtal1

    Mgt 8.0 in a savage 4.6 chassis,

    Does anyone know where I can get motor.mounts and chassis plate made?
  6. cbaker65

    Sold / Found AE Mgt for sale

    This is an in house sale an is not on any other forum or listings! Dead line ends March 4 Saturday at midnight! This sale is for a used 1/8 AE Mgt. that was built with different parts an is not original. It was only ran once after built an was nothing tuned or adjusted ,so it is an enter at...
  7. Wormstud97

    Mgt 8.0 missing servos

    My friend has one its missing all its servos but has the motor. Does anyone esle have an old mgt or is he the only one lol
  8. A

    tires and wheels mgt 4.6

    I'm having trouble finding replacement wheel hexs to replace my size 14mm for some 17mm so i can change my tires to some pralines could someone send me links to some or point me in the right direction . These wold be for a mgt 4.6
  9. Let It RIP

    Just got a used mgt 8.0

    What are some things that I would need to know about this truck. I am fairly new to nitro, know a little bit about tuning.
  10. M

    Help, MGT sat for a while

    So I have a MGT 8.0 1/8th scale I got awhile ago. This will be the first summer I've started it in years.. Is there anything I should do before starting it? And I believe last time I started it it would rev high but not move, what could be the problem of that? Thanks!
  11. R

    issue tuning new mgt 8.0

    Hey guys just picked up a 8.0 and am having difficultys. I've had nitro in the past but not all the issues. I've messed with all carb settings and need to start over. It seems that the low speed needle can turn in to many turns. I screwed it in about 7 turns and it would go more but i stopped...
  12. Nitro Fanatic 2016

    Team Associated MGT 8.0 Help

    I recently have bought some parts for my motor from team associated and I put and washer between my piston sleeve and cooling head and I've noticed quiet an increase in compression when I turn the fly wheel. It previously had a big air leak. So I went through and put new o rings, starting...
  13. Highballer

    Team Associated MGT 8.0 4-Shoe Clutch Help!!

    I'm trying to install the clutch shoes on an Monster GT 8.0 motor. I cannot figure out how to attach the springs properly to hold the shoes in. I have installed clutch shoes that have the groove on the outside of the shoe before, but I can't figure this one out and Team Associated is no help at...
  14. N

    4.6 MGT Starting Problem

    I just bought this from someone that had "trouble tuning it" so I tried starting it the first time (drill start) and it eventually started up, then ran away on me and died on its own. So I reset it to factory tune settings and I tried starting it numerous times and now it feels like it isnt...
  15. Ckeithnitro

    Mgt8.0(hpi5.9 Dynamite LST PIPE)

    did some changes to my MGT, put in my hpi5.9 with a rear mounted LST dynamite pipe..this setup works great....
  16. cbaker65

    cb65's mgt's.

    Heres my mgt's,first one is my primary basher,it does not get special attention other than the whoopin. Its about 11 yrs old. An the others. Mmgt.
  17. R

    first mgt, worst issue

    Hi, I'm having a very annoying issue. The truck starts but only after I prime it up with a few pumps. Then it dies in a few seconds. Seems like right after the fuel that was pumped into the carb is burnt the truck dies. It's spits out plenty of oil and smoke. I've tried leaning it out and...
  18. Reddog

    My "new to me" MGT

    Well I bought this MGT and believe it is the 4.6. I got this to be a project however it is clean and been taken care of so there is not much of a project there,LOL. A couple questions about them. Why do the brakes start to engage when you come down to 1/4 throttle? Is this a normal setting or is...
  19. thecoroner

    Mgt disappointment

    Ok.....i bought a rtr mgt 8.0 from towerhobbies....the truck itself is great..but.....that 8.0 engine I'm not happy me it has no real power....and i dont like the I'm doing a overhaul on engine and shocks...want to know what yall thought abt the 8.0 engine
  20. J

    My mgt build.

    This is a recent project I am almost done with.