For Sale AE Mgt for sale

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Hardcore RCNT User
Kern county ,Calif.
This is an in house sale an is not on any other forum or listings!
Dead line ends March 4 Saturday at midnight!

This sale is for a used 1/8 AE Mgt. that was built with different parts an is not original.
It was only ran once after built an was nothing tuned or adjusted ,so it is an enter at your own risk!
Parts alone will exceed past of any garrantee in what it is for what its worth to any bidder!

Visual parts were painted ,so paint may distort in time.

It has a VG rolecage valued at $ 35.00
Axial wheels I paid &40.00
Side exhaust $15.00
Aluminum body post $$$
Hardcore bumper braces $$$

I can throw in an Ofna AM 27 MHz trans & rec.
It has no servo's. or switch & batt. box.
The muffler does have one tip missing ,but the hole can be plugged off ,its a dual tip muffler!
The Axial engine does run but don't know the run time on it ,it needs a 0-way bearing as I robbed
it out!

The engine is off the unit!
So the pics aren't the same ,but the winner will get what was mentioned!
Can take current pics ,but will have to install the rear axles & knuckles to do so ,
I took those off for the knuckles ,but can put them back.

The price is set at $ 125.00 shipping included.
Ships only in the US.
Sorry Gentlemen ,theres no auction allowed on the forum as I did not know ,
so its a set price with shipping included!
Some pics.



This pic shows where I just ground off the blue on the skid plates ,they usually get scratched
an marred up any way ,they look rough but still do the job!
An I put the holes in the chassy & guards for looks.


This engine is not on there no more ,but the green head comes with it!


Good luck Gentlemen!

Bid ends Saturday March 4th at midnight!...
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