Typhon Grom?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?

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Before they releasr new stuff, they send out a few here and there for feedback and reviews.
Not RC related but Logitech sent me a keyboard that would work with the orginal Xbox One. It was the harmony series so it could also work the TV and what ever other TV accessories. I ended up selling the thing.

I honestly see me ripping out the ESC and motor and going brushless on this thing.
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they should send them to us.
They send them to people like Kevin Talbot. You need a couple more followers before they consider you reviewer worthy 😉
Losi always had a good product. Coming back to RC after a long break. It's sad to see a few brands i liked are out of business or not nearly as good anymore. I bought an ARRMA Granite and i checked out in a Kranton in the LHS. I'm looking into getting a Typhon 6S. But two of these Typhon Grom's would be great for me and my 6 year old.
10% off, no tax and free shipping made it really hard to not buy.. 🤪

I can’t see good enough to work on those little boogers. Nice car though!!!