Superb Professional Level New T-Maxx 2.5 Review

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Yep - consider the source - this guy's a Traxxas employee, but this review is VERY well written and VERY detailed.

Good reading and some new pics AND NEW VIDS TOO!!...

Its a nice review, but I wish they would have put some pics of the inside of the engine so we can see the ports and maybe some specs on the size of the engine case.
Excellent in depth review. I was surprised that it wasn't overbearing in its "pro-TRAXXAS" delivery. Good job and thanks for the link.
Originally posted by FastEddy
I guess I read slower than the rest..

And I hear you drive like you read:classic:
Hunter is on a roll tonight...ouch!
Originally posted by FastEddy
Ya well..
Monkey do, Monkey Say. :)

Now I feel let down I thought you could do better then that:classic: