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  1. Tg1671

    Revo 3.3 4th tank and won’t run

    Hi let me say thanks in advance. I just bought the truck and was breaking it in when it stalled on the end of the fourth tank. I tried adjusting and had no luck as soon as you give it throttle it stalls. I replaced the plug reset back to factory settings and I can’t maintain it. What I did...
  2. The RC Car

    Weird dual shock mod

    Okay, y'all, so I was bored and was just looking at my slash 4x4 wondering how I could make it better without dumping a bunch of money into it, and I had this idea (which would cost a bunch of money). So y'all know how you don't want your suspension so hard that it bounces around, and you don't...
  3. The RC Car

    Track gearing

    Hey y'all! I'm wondering what gearing I should have for my slash 4x4 on a track. The tracks straightaway is about 33 yards give or take. I have a 3500kv stock motor. the tracks surface is hardpacked clay.
  4. The RC Car

    Castle Sidewinder SV3 motor and ESC question

    Hey y'all! I'm looking at this motor, and I've heard a lot of good things about it. Do y'all have anything to say about this motor or any reasons to stay away from it?
  5. The RC Car

    Motor upgrade!

    Hey, y'all! I looking into upgrading my Venileon 3500brushless, is there any motor that y'all would suggest? I would want it to be a 540 or 550 base, and I would also like to not break the bank! I heard that goolrc's motors are actually reliable even though the rest of their stuff is trash. a...
  6. The RC Car

    Battery problems?

    Hey y'all! so I took the slash 4x4 out today, and it overheated once again almost immediately. I'm wondering if this is a battery problem because after I ran it yesterday I plugged in the battery and the charger said it was full. The battery is a Floureon 40c 7.4v 6200mAH 2s LiPo.
  7. The RC Car

    Hyped: Slash 4x4

    sup y'all! I did a deep clean on my slash 4x4, and got it up running again, fixed various problems, (like the shock oil needing to be replaced). I'm super hyped to get this bask on the road! and running
  8. The RC Car

    Pit Crew required? If so who?

    Hi, y'all! I've been practicing the Slash in my backyard, just doing figure eights with some cones, and I was also searching tips, and I heard people mention pit crews a lot, do I actually need a pit crew to race my Slash? I looked in the rulebook/tips section of the website for the place imma...
  9. The RC Car

    Tips for racing please!

    Any tips on how to make my Slash 4x4 lighter? I have about 250 grams of extra weight. I use LiPos, have three fans (should I take these off?) and steel Tekno driveshafts. It also has the OBA system, which I will remove. I'm thinking about getting a new motor and ESC because the VXL-3s has been...
  10. The RC Car

    Setting up my Slash 4x4 to race. Which motor should I buy?

    Sup y'all! Here's the link to the motor I'm looking at, with all the stats, I have no idea what they mean. Is that or the stock Venileon 3500 brushless system better? I'm looking int racing my slash 4x4, I've done enough upgrades that all I need is a good motor. If y'all have any motor or ESC...
  11. The RC Car

    Body chart

    Hey y'all! I bought a Jconcepts Illuzion Raptor SVT awhile ago, and I can't find the chart that shows where to drill holes for the body posts anywhere! Including the Internet, Internet you have been defeated! It's always defeated at the wrong time, isn't it? Anyway, what should I do?
  12. The RC Car

    Traxxas parts question.

    Do y'all know if Traxxas makes their parts primarily from molds or some other way?
  13. The RC Car

    Getting ready for coronavirus quarantine. . .

    Who else is getting ready to be quarantined because of the coronavirus? I'm getting ready by buying parts and shoveling dirt into the house, I realized that the house actually makes a really good course if you have enough dirt. jk lol
  14. The RC Car

    Slash 4x4 over heated after long hard drive down the driveway, again 🙄

    Hey y'all! I took the slash out for a drive two days ago and it overheated after about 10 minutes, the temperature was in the 60s (Fahrenheit). I thought this was weird, but set it too cool down (it has an ESC fan btw), and after 30 minutes it still hadn't cooled down. I unplugged the batt and...
  15. The RC Car

    Looking for used Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale.

    I'm looking for a used Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale, with or without batteries. If you see one for sale could you let me know? Or if you have one you are willing to trade, I have a slash 4x4 with upgrades and accessories that cost me $1178.46 with three batts will trade for Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale.
  16. The RC Car

    Looking for screw set for Slash 4x4, and wondering what spur/pinion combination I should use.

    Hey, y'all! I've had a bunch of problems with the stock screws on the slash stripping. I started to look for screw sets for it but couldn't find anything that seemed reliable. Any suggestions on which one to buy? I stripped my (stock) pinion gear, and since I need to get a new one anyway I'm...
  17. rene_ar

    Searching Carbon for Revo 3.3 (/ E-revo)

    Hello everyone, I'm an new to RC Talk and decided to join because i am searching for Carbon Fiber parts for my traxxas revo 3.3 and can't find any. 🤬 I allready have the Vantage Racing Carbon Chassie and want to get as much real (not Hydro Dipped) carbon fibre parts for ist as possible. I also...
  18. The RC Car

    Traxxas Slash overheating or not?

    I have the Traxxas slash 4x4, and recently it has been overheating very quickly which automatically stops the throttle from doing anything, which is great, except I took it out today for the first time awhile and it overheated so quickly (about a minute) I thought something was up (and it was...
  19. S

    First BB build

    Hey, going to start my first big block build, I have a tmaxx all aluminum integy, but it has stock chassis, I was looking at a dynamite .28 today and I'm wondering if it would fit in the traxxas extended body chassis?
  20. Nickcabba

    How to flip the carb in a traxxas 3.3

    I'm doing a conversion and I'm wondering how i flip the carb so i can use the linkage kit for the slide carb.