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  1. N

    T-Maxx LRP .32 Spec 4 Build

    Hey guys, I’m new to this forum but I want to start off a conversation for a build that I have in mind. I’m looking to build a T-Maxx with the LRP .32 Spec 4 with the X-Tec carb (Already have brand new). I want to run a ERCM pipe because I have heard nothing but good comments on Robin’s work...
  2. N

    T-Maxx 2.5 transmission question

    I am looking for someone who can help me out with a little issue I’m having. I have the tmaxx 2.5 w/ a TRX 3.3 engine swap. But here’s where my problem is. It was running fine with the 3.3 through break in and for a few tanks of running and now it will not shift into second gear if there’s any...
  3. Reggloc

    Cybermaxx Build Help

    Have this Cybermaxx that I bought and this hpi 3.5 engine That I want to mount. Need help finding the right mounts.
  4. WoodiE

    RPM Rear Bumper for T/E-Maxx

    RPM Rear Bumper for T/E-Maxx Continue reading the full article
  5. Little chicken T-Maxx

    Going to upgrade my T-Maxx steering servo and Servo horn

    stock steering servo for the T-maxx have to replace the servo because holds the servo horn on is stripped . What would be the best servo for me to get and Horn servo
  6. rudedog03

    Help with tmaxx 3.3

    Hello. I'm working on my little brothers t maxx 3.3. The clutch shoes were broke. I replaced them and the spring. I put it back together and if I start it and hold it up the tires move when I give it gas but when I set it down to drive it, it revs up but does not move. I've got myself stumped on...
  7. S

    Motor mount for SuperMaxx

    Hello everyone! Newly signed up on the forum but not new to RC. My problem is that I'm having alot of trouble finding the style engine mount I need to finish up the basher big block maxx I built from all the spare parts over the years. The SuperMaxx is finally finished after 7 years of installing...
  8. prauner

    TMaxx throttle

    Ok so I had my starter housing one way barring housing crack so I replaced it. So went to crank it and had the bearing backwards. So got that fixed. I use the ez start and you can hear it crank over. I did reset everything back to factory. However not changing any setting it will not start...
  9. B

    Chassis Trouble

    I have always had a dream of building a big block T-maxx truck. So I bought a big block chassis on Ebay, and decided to buy GREAT LOOKING INTENGY suspension parts and transmission to go alone with it, i check part number before i purchased to make sure that everything will align up. I'm seem to...
  10. Little chicken T-Maxx

    I have a T-Maxx .15

    Rebuilt it from the ground up good lot of repairs to it watch quality videos on YouTube especially the RC to help me alot rebuilt the engine from the scratch new piston and sleeve new crankcase new back plate running pretty good now but having issues when I'm driving on the road...
  11. B

    t maxx trans stripping primary gear

    I have a t maxx 2.5 which currently is powered by a 3.3. I run the truck for about 3 minutes then the primary gear strips it teeth. Is my problem in the trans or is the problem the slipper clutch? I am new to the hobby so any help is appreciated.
  12. DXtreme1

    DXtreme1 TMaxx Dual Builds

    I'm in the middle of 2 Tmaxx builds. The first build is a 2.5 based chassis with a 3.3 spec drivetrain and suspension. This build is for my 5 yr old and is his current training truck hence the choice of keeping the reverse transmission, Traxxas TQ 2.4 transmitter and the 2.5 motor and chassis...
  13. Greasemonkey91

    Tmaxx transmission question

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and kind of noobish to the r/c world i've dabbled in nitro buggies for awhile always bought the cheaper less know brands like exceed rc until recently. I bought myself a traxxas t maxx off of ebay still waiting for it to get here. From what the seller told me...
  14. Pr3ssure

    What maintenance is needed on a T-Maxx?

    So I got a T-Maxx long ago, before the 2.5r or the 3.3 ever came out. I was around 12 or so, I never got into the hobby a lot and about 6 years ago I was running it and forgot to put the air filter back in after cleaning it. Need less to say after a few minutes of running it shut off and never...
  15. N

    Tmaxx 3.3 keeps stalling

    I am new to this site... I have a traxxas tmaxx 3.3 and I have put about a gallon of fuel through it... The other day when I was running it I applied the brakes and it died right out of the blue. My slipper clutch pads did go out a while back so I upgraded to aluminum ones and I'm wondering if I...
  16. D

    RPM Rear True Track

    Evening everyone. I am trying to install the RPM True Track on my TMAXX 2.5. I am having trouble with holes lining up on the skid plate after everything is put together. It is probably about 1/4 in off. I have taken the set up apart 3 times now and am still having the problem. I am...
  17. G

    Tmaxx Orig vs 2.5 engine shaft and clutch ?

    Does the 2.5 flywheel cone, clutch bell, and everything else from a 2.5 fit directly on a short shaft engine assuming I have the pilot clutch nut? Thanks!
  18. M

    Tmaxx 2.5 breaking issue

    I have an issue breaking the t maxx and don't know how to fix it. It just slows down after you get to the end of the block. Help!
  19. Joffie1

    Traxxas tmaxx

    Is this the right spur gear for the tmaxx as my throttle bar gets caught on it
  20. Rcjunky2002

    Tmaxx 3.3 (4908) big block

    Hey guys I've seen a lot of trucks on here with big blocks and was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to find a chassis for a tmaxx 3.3 (extended model 4908) that I can put a big block in. Lrp 28,30 or something along those lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated...