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  1. requiem33

    ISDT FD200 Discharger

    Simple review of the ISDT FD200 Discharger I'm not an affiliate or sponsored by ISDT and I purchased this for my own use. Disclaimer over. Website: This little, and I do mean little discharger packs a nice punch and is very convenient. I've been...
  2. Q

    All the upgrades for your WL Toys 144001

    Hi guys New in this forum but not to RC. Just thought I'd share that I've written a whole lot of articles on upgrading the 144001. Most of these are free or very cheap upgrades and where I have used new parts I have tried to be as budget conscious as possible and avoid unnecessary bling (not...
  3. P

    A $70 RC car that can go 70 km/h!! WLToys A959

    Hello there, guys! I know most of you are fancying heavier powerful cars that run brushless motors and stuff. But what about a way to have some real fun easier or get that cheap ass friend into the hobby? I have reviewed the WLToys A959 rc car:
  4. Speedy Wolf

    ECX Boost Review

    So, the ECX boost was my first car, and I drive that thing like crazy. One of the best things about the boost was it's durability. I drove it down a sewer drain 3 times, stepped on it, and used it as a ramp to launch my dad's Fury on to it's back. The front fender is amazing. I've run the car...
  5. WoodiE

    Traxxas X-Maxx review

    The guys over at BigSquid has done a Traxxas X-Maxx review and they gave it an overall rating of B+. In fact the lowest grade they gave any point of the truck was a B in Bash-A-Bility, Time to Bash, and Value, While they gave it an A rating for parts availability and handling. No major issues...
  6. Rolex

    Paint Shaker REVIEW

    Here's a very slick little machine I just got a few days ago. I was so impressed with it that I thought I'd do a review. It's made by Robart and is available in AC power or battery power with 4 D cells. Originally I was going to get the AC version but then I'd have to pull other plugs any time...
  7. NCNitro

    RC4WD High Lift Jack Review

    I picked up one the new RC4WD fully functioning officially licensed High Lift Jacks. Upon arrival the jack came in a nice clam shell package. It included a 1/10 High Lift jack and High Lift decal sheet. I was surprised at the detail of the jack. The finish looked great, and the overall...
  8. Cat

    Review: JL .28 MAX

    I recently purchased this engine, I owned it for a about a month now. And i thought i will write a few words about it. Long story short i purchased a new revo 3.3. The reason why i decided to purchase this engine that my original Trx 3.3 had an airleak since day one. Since traxxas refused to...
  9. K

    hpi trophy 3.5 rtr buggy review

    Hi I'm new to the rc nitro world, my local dealer recommended the hpi trophy 3.5 what u think?:D
  10. Spyke_696

    RS4 3evo+ personal review

    PLEASE IF YOU START READING THIS READ IT ALL NOT JUST THE FIRST PART well i just got my rs4 today and got it out sorry to start off if any of this offends any one. but here we go first impression havent run it yet this is based on just touch feel and looks as well as basic mechanics. ill...
  11. D

    redcat volcano s30 review

    So I just bought a volcano s30 and a caldera the caldera has a brokin pinion but the volcano worjs good oh I bought them used I forgot to say that I paid $60 and traded an xbox anyways u have ran about 4 tanks of fuel through it and crashed it pretty good to and it dosnt got a scratch I'm...

    Looking for reviews....

    Hey all looking for reviews on Wing-Tote bags. Looking at the Truck Tote any reviews or opinions on it? thnx in advance
  13. WoodiE

    Dynamite Passport UltraLite Battery Charger Review

    It doesn't matter if you are into cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, electric or nitro - we all need a good charger on our workbench or pit table. With all the battery types out there NIMH, LiPo, LiFe, we need one that will charge them all and any charger that can do more than just charge is...
  14. WoodiE

    Funny reviews on $40,000 pen

    Read the reviews on this $40,000+ pen on Amazon, Omas Limited Edition. One of my favorites, "P.S. The only reason I gave it 4-stars rather than five, is because of the five-dollar shipping charge. That's a little high to ship a pen." LoL! haha, there's plenty more on other $10,000+ pens. :D...
  15. M

    Lipo charger review?

    Hi, I have found a core uac 50 lipo charger with two brand new turnigy 4000mah 2a lipos, is this deal any good it's up for £60 thanks
  16. J

    Nitro Engine Operation (pls review for accuracy)

    I'm pretty new to nitro, and it has frustrated me to say the least. I'm giving it one serious attempt before I go brushless. I've very experienced with tuning real cars, and I could have tuned 5 blown mustangs for $500 each in the time I've spend messing with this 'toy'.:hehe: I didn't know...
  17. WoodiE

    A-Plus RC Metric Allen Wrench Set Review

    It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the hobby or a seasoned racer, finding and having good tools in your pit box is a must. While a good screw driver set or needle nose pliers is important to your tool collection, when you're into R/C you no tool box is complete without a set of allen...
  18. WoodiE

    T-Bone Racing Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Front Bumper Review

    The stock Traxxas Stampede 4x4 bumper is a little high and a bit narrow and after a number of upgrades to my Stampede 4x4 it left a bit to be desired. That's where T-Bone Racing comes in, remembering how well the T-Bone Racing Mini-Revo front bumper worked I decided to checked to see if T-Bone...
  19. O

    Savage XL 5.9 review

    Can anyone give my any honest opinions about the XL 5.9? I ask cuz I'm considering getting one...but mainly just for its huge size. I'm wondering just how good of a truck it really is as far as runnability and durability. Are they good trucks or are they a pain in the ass to deal with...with more...
  20. REVO-5309

    My New Merv Review

    well i went to the post office today to pick up my merv before the courier got the chance to load it into his truck for the 10am drop off. i ordered mine last week on a Wednesday and it turned up this morning on a thur, bit annoyed that it took an extra day to get here compared to the other...