Noobie crawler suggestions.

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Jeremy in WI

RCNT Rookie
Yeah it seems you get your moneys worth. Mud guard wheel wells, no body posts, metal gears, better axles, full aluminium shocks,etc.
Did You end up pickin one up? If so, what'd you get? Just a heads up - The sunfun2019 coupon code (thru Sept 2) takes 15% off, and there was a recent price drop on the axial scx10 ii 1969 blazer. Total before tax - $297 @ hobby town. I don't know if it's what you want, but seems like a decent deal.


RCNT Qualifier
New Hampshire, USA
RC Driving Style
Bashing, Racing
Here's a quick little backyard vid I made a few weeks ago. Haven't had time to hit the trails behind my house with it but hopefully I'll have time to go out and get it properly dirty soon. :D Skip to around 2 minutes in if you don't wanna hear me rambling (as usual) and just want to see the truck. :)

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