Mutant Gorgon

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I got my RTA Gorgon on Tues., assembly was straightforward with no issues. Ran it all day yesterday, what a hoot! Really controllable and well balanced and seems built like a tank. Stock electronics is adequate with the NiMh but really improves with a LiPo. A responsible person would leave it like that, but not me...
I had a Traxxas Velineon vxl-3s system left over from a Slash drag build, so why not?
To install it I had to grind away some of the Gorgon chassis around the motor housing in order to clear the wires from the 3650 motor. A 3660 would not have that issue.


Also added a 40 x 20mm 5v fan.
The original Gorgon pinion works fine.
The mounting points for the Traxxas ESC line up perfectly with the original ESC mounting points, that made it a lot easier.
I had to use a cut up Typhon receiver box (the ones made to fit the Gorgon are on backorder).
It runs much better, wheelies on command but not unmanageable.
From all the YouTube videos, the body looks to be the weakest point. I dug thru my parts bin and found that a body post mount set from a Vorteks (ARA320630) fits into the Gorgon mounting holes, and a set of Arrma body posts (ARAC3476) allow a whole choice of alternate bodys to be used.
Added some Arrma Granite front and rear bumpers and a Typhon wheelie bar (ARA320613), they fit right on and add more protection.


I had a Redcat body kicking around I installed, fits good and will allow me some time to figure what body I'll eventually use. Am keeping the unused Gorgon body on ice.

Got to say this has been the quickest and easiest build/mod I've done. Arrma really has knocked it out of the park with this truck, it checks all the boxes and it's low cost.
I know that there are better upgrades people are working on, but this build didn't cost me much and the fun factor is off the charts!
RC Protective services will come at you for having a Traxxas VXL system in an Arrma, gotta get that out of there before they find you! Even a TQi! They'll definitely find you quick!
Jk Jk, all is good. 🤣 :thumbs-up:
With that paint job it looks good
I'm loving mine so far and it's still stock.
Right on! I ran 2 NiMh packs thru mine before running a LiPo and it is really has a balanced power, suspension, drivetrain and tire setup stock. With a fresh NiMh it will wheelie sometimes and acceleration and runtime are decent. For the target market, the stock setup is really well thought out. Using a LiPo it really wakes up with wheelies on demand, wheelspin at any speed and a longer run time. If someone only could do one thing it should be a switch to LiPo, best bang for the $$$.

I was at first going to use the original electronics from my Infraction/Typhon Mega mashup. Bigger can brushed motor with a 5mm shaft, 3s ESC and seperate receiver. Main reason I didn't was the motor has a fan in it and I was wary of dust and stuff getting into it. On the Infraction/Typhon Mega the motor is inboard and protected against debris but if used in the Gorgon it's just hanging out there as a dirt magnet. The 5mm shaft is also a plus. I still may try the Mega system anyway, it's so easy to swap stuff on this chassis (BTW, the Mega ESC also fits in the stock mounting holes).

The Traxxas stuff was a spur of the moment decision, It's mediocre performance and high cost (when bought new) means there's better options for brushless (cough-Hobbywing-cough). Only reason I used it was I had the whole setup gathering dust in the parts bin. I was pleasantly surprised on how well it works in the Gorgon, acts pretty much the same as the LiPo brushed stock stuff but has a lot more beans at the top end. Another nice touch is that it doesn't cog and has some rudimentary programming.

Couple of things I didn't like- The motor mount plate seems thin, and the slipper outer bearing held in by the gear cover seems sketchy. I can just see the motor moving around on hard landings screwing up the mesh. I may add some shims on the front and bottom of the motor housing to stop it from moving. The servo saver is also wonky and looks proprietary, I think with the big tires this will be a problem in the future. Also not a fan of the proprietary battery connector on the ESC, looks like an attempt at vendor lock-in. The body is also junk. Every video I've seen the body gets destroyed really quickly and replacement bodies are big $$. Luckily, any of the 3s dual post mounting stuff fits, as well as any of the 3s bumpers.

Here's the body I'm eventually going to use, just have to finesse the mounts and do some creative body trimming. Nice thing is that these bodies are cheap and easily available.
Love that bug body!
The bug didn't fit quite like I wanted. Wheelbase is about 3/4" too long and steering clearance requires a lot of cutting. I added some RPM Traxxas UDR trailing arm skid plates (RPM81362) and a wing from the parts bin. Now in the process of drywall tape/Flex Seal undercoating. I need to heat bend the ends of the skid plates to match the body contour and add some skids and foam to the front. Also going to look for alternative front bumpers, maybe fit one that extends past the body.

I'm really liking the Traxxas system so far. 15t pinion and it has great acceleration, wheelies awesomely and just generally seems like a good fit for this chassis. I know that Traxxas stuff in an Arrma is sacrilege, but I'm sure that a lot of people have a Velineon vxl system in their parts bin. Good choice if you've got a spare one.

I beat the snot out of this truck over the last couple of days and am really impressed! Five 2s packs in with no breakage or maintenance required so far (except the body- the Redcat body is not looking so good now).

Was going to try the Lipo out in mine this weekend.
Hope you had as much fun as I did. How'd it go, and what are your thoughts?

Here's the in process bug body. Still need to get some cool stickers to theme and bling it...

Well I finished destroying the Redcat body. PVC is definitely inferior but cheap. I'm still working out the"bugs" on the VW body so in the meantime I acquired a $17 ebay pre painted PVC body meant for a Granite. I drywall taped and flex sealed the inside and shot some gold pearl, root beer and holo RC paint on the exterior to add some sparkle. Added some furniture slides as bumpers on the roof, tailgate and hood. Hopefully this body will last a while longer.
Brushless LiPo rules in this truck. I think this was what Arrma engineers planned on, but marketing said to do the "Mega" first, then eventually a "BLX" version. I also think we'll see a lot of factory body styles and options in the future. A lot depends an Holiday sales figures, which I think will be substantial.
Over 10 2s LiPo packs in with no breakage or wrenching required (except bodies...). This is one of the most fun RCs I've ever had.
I loved you dragsters, till I saw what you did with the Gorgon. You really do em right. 👀 :thumbs-up:
Love the sticker on the bed. Love the glitter too. I saw a black 90s chevy truck that had rainbow glitter.

Looks like a fun truck. Think it can handle jumps?
Think it can handle jumps?
So far on my 'lil test ramp, no problem. With a good start about seven feet of air and about 20 feet of distance. With the big tires there's a good bit of air control. If I do it right and stick the landing I can wheelie away easily. Starting right in front of the ramp It'll almost do a backflip (I'm working on it).

Love the sticker on the bed.
I think it's a repro of real ones from the '50s and '60s. I got a whole pack of different colors off Etsy (I think).
7 decades! Reddy Kilowatt
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Well, it happened...
The suspicious servo saver exploded.

I figured it was a "weak link" but assumed Arrma designed it right.
No way of putting it back together either.
I tried a bunch of savers of different types and none of them are usable.
Proprietary stuff is not good.
Anybody figure out a better saver?
Just use a standard metal servo horn?
Tie rod hole spacing on factory saver is wider than standard savers. Cannot use stock tie rods or adjustables as they bind.
Probably get a Kimbrough 124 saver and add a pair of adjustable tie rods to make up the difference..
Spektrum servos have a 23T output, so...
Spectrum S660 servo is 5kg with a 25 tooth spline.
Servo saver saver :eek: plan...
After examining the failure mode of the factory servo saver, I've determined it's due to the molded/pressed on retainer ring breaking off the bottom part of the servo saver, allowing the spring to fly off into oblivion. Luckily, I found my errant spring but there's no way I could figure to put Humpty Dumpty together again.
Ordered two factory savers and a Kimbrough 124 to experiment with.
L to R here's a good factory one, the original broken one and the Kimbrough 124.

I decided there's two ways to approach this problem. Reinforce the original or replace the saver.
First I'm going to try the reinforcement path. I found that a #6 finishing washer

with the middle hole flattened out fits nicely over the original servo retaining ring. I had to use a small washer to make it work.


Reassembled it but the weather here in FLA today is spitty rain so I'll give it a good test when the weather improves.
If this fails, I'll go with the nuclear option and use the Kimbrough 124. The hole spacing and throw length will work with the original tie rods. Just have to drill out and tap the Kimbrough for 2mm threads. If I do that, I'll use some Traxxas tie rods set to 98mm.


Also ordered the optional receiver box and installed it, fits nicely next to the ESC. I also added a velcro strap to help hold the battery door.


We'll see how this all works out.
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Had some good progress in the last few days.
Three packs in and the servo saver mod seems to be working. If it fails again I'll use the Kimmy saver.
To provide more protection to the bug body I added an RPM bumper from a Slash. It's just provisionally mounted with a couple of screws, I'll permanently mount it with some M3 x 10mm button head titanium screws (on order- be here Mon.). Drill some mounting holes in the chassis and the bumper should be secure. I'm hoping I'll be able to get some good spark action on pavement as a bonus 🎇.
Added a high density foam piece between the RPM bumper and went back to the stock Gorgon front bumper. Once I get the titanium screws in I'll finalize the front end design, but it's pretty much done. No other chassis mods planned, just maintenance.

Bug body final fitting is done, cement board taped and Flex Sealed. Heat gunned the the RPM Traxxas UDR trailing arm skid plates to conform to the body and added some bumpers all around. Decided the wing was too fragile, so I'll fab up one that's smaller and more durable. Hopefully the rounded body will let it end up wheels down more often when I invariably roll it :eek:.
Still have to finish the theme, found some eyes for the windshield and placed 2 bumpers as "eyebrows" above them and a round bumper as a "nose". With a little accent paint I can go the anthropomorphic route. Planning on painting the body with holo glitter paint, I used it on the Redcat body and it sticks really well. After paint I'll replace the existing window stickers with some holo film.