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I'm looking for straight trades. I know it seems strange to some people but I've come to realize I prefer the simplicity of the tamiya kits so I'm looking for a few tamiyas. We can work a deal that is agreeable to all. I'm looking for the following
Tamiya subaru brat
Tamiya blackfoot
Tamiya monster beetle
I don't care if they are new or used honestly if they are basket cases or just rollers I'd prefer those. What I have to offer are rollers or some that need work which is why I'm offering for straight trades on old Tamiya cars. No radios or electronics unless they are stated.

Dr10 roller with steering servo needs rear arm retainers. Includes new hinge pins

Traxxas trx4 sport need tires has alloy axles. One hole on front axle wasn't drilled from the manufacturer. Needs all electronics. Have bobbed frame rails for it as well. Includes a new spur gear

Associated gatekeeper just needs transmitter and receiver. Has aluminum beadlocks and proline super swamper tires.

If you'd like to purchase any of these that can be done as well. Prices will be 125 plus shipping for the dr10 and 200 for the gatekeeper only adding prices due to rules. Would prefer to trade straight across for those trucks. Thanks
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