Like a punch in the gut...

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How old is Houdini?
Houdini is six, he's adapting pretty well. He seems like he just has really bad vertigo. We also had a twenty year old Cat (Spartacus) who had a stroke, we had to put him down. That was who Houdini had replaced.

No worries derailing my threads, you guys know I'm not uptight about that kind of stuff. Haven't seen the Scorpions since the 80's, but they put on a good show. I've also seen Skid Row, I was wondering about the new singer, good to hear he nailed it. Never got to see B.O.C. but love them. :thumbs-up:
I saw Skidrow, during my senior year of high school, in 1990 in Hartford, CT. They just made the scene and opened up for Bon Jovi. We were there to see Row, but BJ put on a fantastic show!
Terrible thing. Sorry to hear this. I have some old buddies and definitely appreciate every day with them.
Life can be an s.o.b. sometimes. This week was busy, yesterday we knocked out a weeks worth of work. I am exhausted. Last night I came home to find my favorite hobby cat (Houdini) appears to have had a stroke, one pupil dilated the other not, definite stumbling list to one side. I am gutted, he is my buddy.

We took him to the emergency vet last night, they were extremely busy so we were there until after an already brutal day, they wanted to do tests and stuff but said it might take about three hours. I couldn't stay, I was wiped. We need to take him back again this morning but I think my Anxiety meds have reached their limits of what I can handle.

Why do things like this always happen after you make a big purchase. Vet bills are going to be harsh.

Sorry for being a downer this morning but I knew you guys would understand.
That totally sucks. We had to put our cat down in Oct last year, so I can totally relate. We were going to bed and he went to get some water and fell over. A few hundred dollars later, he was no longer with us. He as 18 years and live a long life any cat should envy.

It's gets better with time, but it still sucks.
He doing good now? And NO you weren't over reacting, you can't when it comes to your pets.
We just got back from the vet about twenty minutes ago, he is doing good, almost back to normal. His eye is back to normal, and most of his balance is back, his bloodwork came back good. He has eardrops we have to give him twice a day for two weeks, just in case it was an inner ear infection.
We are super relieved.