Doom's SCX6 Honcho

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🤣😆🤣😆 This absolutely made my day!! I love it!

What up @Xraycer !! I have been printing some stuff for my honcho and a couple other rigs. Nothing too crazy.

Oh I know!! We pick back and forth. All in fun. I have seen some of his stuff. Where do you think I learned from?? Well it wasn’t him, but still. 🤣😆🤣
My dad was a professional photographer for a bit. Sadly, I never picked up on any of his skills with a camera.
How big of a motor would you say is in there. I found 5684 but I only found one on ebay?
I still haven't put the new wheels on (hangs head in shame) Waiting for a chance to take it out. Every time I get a free weekend it rains. :doh:
Yeah, stay out of the rain out there. According to California... it causes cancer 🤪
So finally replaced the stock (on the right) with the new tires and rims (on the left).



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