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  1. Fungi J

    Traxxas Summit swap

    hey guys! not sure if I'm posting this right... but i was looking for a way if someone was interested, trading out my 1/10 summit for a 1/10 scale crawler preferably scx-10 or Trx-4...its good shape all servos and diff locks work transmission shifts lights work,(none on body) i put a 3s brushless...
  2. BamaFan

    Traxxas Summit

    My question is do I have to remove the motor to replace the shifter servo. I can get the shifter servo out but I can't get into the waterproof receiver box without removing the motor. Am I missing something is there some type of trick you guys know to remove the lid? I wouldn't think you would...
  3. SMaxxin

    1/10 Traxxas Summit

    I have always liked the idea of the Summit but not enough to drop the coin for it, this one sorta fell in my lap while working out a trade for some other things. I took it planning on putting it for sell as soon as I verified that everything work in good condition...Until I drove it! It's not...
  4. Non Crimen

    Sold / Found WTB: Traxxas Summit

    as the title says i am ltb a 1/10 summit. i would like rtr.
  5. terbo84

    Sold / Found WTT traxxas summit

    Looking for a scaler/rock crawler the summit is rtr with batterys. let me know what you got.
  6. R

    Sold / Found WTB Traxxas Summit

    WTB Traxxas Summit
  7. revo_rob_1984

    Traxxas Summit+MUD = ........

    Heres a short video of my summit mud bogging Traxxas Summit Mudding - YouTube
  8. MR4X4KING

    traxxas summit batteries

    does anyone know what are really good batteries for a traxxas summit? i have 3 sets of stock batteries 8.4v 3000 mah nad they last maybe 15 mins. has anyone bought batteries from john the battery guy which is what about life batteries, whats the pros and cons of those...
  9. theant

    Traxxas Summit ESC problem

    Hi all, I am posting this on behalf of a buddy of mine. I am a nitro Tmaxx guy so bear with me if it doesn't seem like I know what I am talking about(because I dont He has only had his Summit for about a month now, and he has had issues with his battery casings melting and now his...
  10. revo_rob_1984

    Sold / Found Traxxas Summit

    I am looking for a summit, doesn't matter what color, doesn't matter if it has a motor and esc on it, i have a project in mind and the summit is the perfect platform. Let me know what you guys have. . .paypal ready
  11. R

    The Traxxas Summit ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    Bought one a couple of months back and it is like an addiction. Once the two 7 cell batt packs die, I'm going LIPO. Probably I will change the receiver then too so I can use my 2.4G transmitter. The Traxxas transmitter and possibly ESC makes for a jerky throttle (response). Well, off to do...
  12. J

    traxxas summit tires on savage xl

    I am thinking about getting a savage xl and wanted to put some summit wheels on it. I heard they were really unstable at high speeds. Is this true?
  13. T

    Traxxas Summit Shell & Wheels...

    I have a t-maxx 3.3 (4908) and I was just wondering if the Summit body and wheels would fit on my maxx? -Matt
  14. X

    Traxxas Summit

    hello, I'm new at this so i don't know if I'm doing this right. I'm interested in getting a Traxxas Summit. Can anyone give me their opinions?
  15. WoodiE

    Traxxas Summit 4 LED Light Bar

    With the new 4 LED light bar from Traxxas you can now blaze even brighter trails with the Traxxas Summit. The new Summit light bar replaces the Summit's stock chrome roof light bar with a high intensity... Click to continue
  16. Xiris

    Sold / Found FT: Traxxas Summit

    I have a Traxxas Summit that i don't even use anymore. It has only been ran a few times and I just didn't like it as much as i thought i would. The car is 100% stock. I'm looking for some sort of crawler. Let me know what you have. Or $350 Shipped. I'll post photos soon. Thanks Gang, -Mark
  17. beason

    Traxxas summit review and opinions.

    OK i got the summit from the lotto and i felt since its a newer rig i should post up my opinions and findings on the rig. (this is ONLY my opinion.) first i will start with general looks. the truck looks bad A. the body is unlike anything ever i have seen, the tires are aggressive, the stance...
  18. T

    Traxxas Summit(Blue or Red)

    Here ya go, check it out ! :
  19. Q

    traxxas summit

    have any of yall seen the traxxas summit. its pretty cool that you can climb with it and race. and it has remote controle locking diff.
  20. insaneatvs

    Traxxas Summit

    Whatcha think about this Crawler? kinda dual sport rc if you will here is the video link Traxxas Summit