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  1. The RC Car

    Track gearing

    Hey y'all! I'm wondering what gearing I should have for my slash 4x4 on a track. The tracks straightaway is about 33 yards give or take. I have a 3500kv stock motor. the tracks surface is hardpacked clay.
  2. The RC Car

    Tips for racing please!

    Any tips on how to make my Slash 4x4 lighter? I have about 250 grams of extra weight. I use LiPos, have three fans (should I take these off?) and steel Tekno driveshafts. It also has the OBA system, which I will remove. I'm thinking about getting a new motor and ESC because the VXL-3s has been...
  3. The RC Car

    Setting up my Slash 4x4 to race. Which motor should I buy?

    Sup y'all! Here's the link to the motor I'm looking at, with all the stats, I have no idea what they mean. Is that or the stock Venileon 3500 brushless system better? I'm looking int racing my slash 4x4, I've done enough upgrades that all I need is a good motor. If y'all have any motor or ESC...
  4. J

    TLR 22-4 Ball vs. Gear Differentials

    Hey all, I believe the losi 22-4 1.0 is ball differentials in the front and rear, and the 2.0 switched over to gear differentials in the front and rear, correct me if I'm wrong. I read online that ball differentials have less play, and are generally better although require more maintenance as...
  5. JohnSampson

    How do I get started racing RC's?

    hey everyone! I'm looking to get into RC racing and hopefully win some tournaments... BUT, I have no idea where to start. I've looked at ROAR but don't know how to join or enter in races... can someone help me?
  6. RMH3

    Nitro and Racing.

    I've been a basher for years now, ever since I got into it almost 20 years ago now. I'd like to get into racing but I've always been a traxxas guy. Threads every where say they're just not worth dumping the money into them for racing due to lack of durability. I get it. I would like to do 1/10...
  7. Adron boyd

    Help picking pro racing Engines 1/8 mugen?

    Need help picking the fastest and quickest engine for a mugging 1/8 scale truggy. The engine needs to be within regulations and completely legal. I just purchased this mugging 1/8 for practice. It came with Novarossi 21 Bt4 but the compression isn't too good so it keeps on dying out. I'm...
  8. wannarunem

    Racing drones?

    Hey guys, been out of the RC hobby for awhile but looking into the racing drone scene for fun..(mostly buggies and trucks) Can anyone point me to a fun/durable racer? Looking to spend under 500 for a RTF set-up. I've dug around online and have discovered many different racers but so many to...
  9. Adron boyd

    New TMaxx racing project .. need help

    I am about to attempt to build the fastest TMaxx on the planet... my last project was Strictly for looks and to catch the nitro heads eye.. i tried to build the best looking tmaxx in the world.. I think it came out very well.. now it's time to build my the speed.. my Goals are...
  10. NitroX

    hpi or traxxas for racing?

    I'm trying to decide on a nitro for racing. should I get a trophy buggy 3.5 or a nitro slash. I'm open to suggestions but I'm trying to keep it under 400
  11. WoodiE

    MCD Racing W5 FT short course truck

    MCD Racing has a new short course truck, the W5 MAX which offers an extended wheel base, wider track width, a new body, reinforced rear alloy stiffeners as well as new allow shock towers. MCD Racing W5 FT Features Top of the line competition off-road Short Course Truck Easy...
  12. MonteLives42

    Jato 3.3 Tire ideas for off road racing

    So I'm new to the RC world, but all my friends are deep in the sport. I bought a Jato 3.3, I got it used but for a great deal. I have made many upgrades, most noticeable was the change of gearing. I went with a 19T bell - 58T spur, I have been running the Duramax Six Pack which is normally...
  13. A

    Racing ST

    Do people still race stadium trucks or is that class dead?
  14. bigwe33

    Nitro Monster Truck 1/8 Racing

    Hi all, Does anyone here know where, in the UK I can race my 2 Nitro Monster trucks 1/8 scale? Are there any circuits here in the UK that cater for this category of RC Nitro vehicle? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. WoodiE

    Store wide sale at T-Bone Racing!

    T-Bone Racing is currently having a store wide sale on nearly everything on the site. Their bumpers, skid plates, wheelie bars, etc are already priced very nicely and the sale makes them a steal.
  16. Warrior4Jesus

    Redcat Racing 1/5th scale Rampage XT Truck

    I read a few not so good reviews about RR but I wondered how you guys thought now? I have been watching quite a few videos on what others think and have found fairly good reviews on such a well priced gas 5th scaler. Let me know what you guys think... Thanks.
  17. WoodiE

    Save 15% on Pro-Line Racing products

    Proline Racing is offering a 15% discount code for all their products ordered from October 28th to the 31st. Simply use coupon code: SPOOKY15 during checkout.
  18. WoodiE

    Pro-Line Transforms Axial Racing’s AX-10 Deadbolt to “Monster Bolt”

    This is one cool build from Pro-line Racing using an Axial AX10 Deadbolt... Since the early 80’s, RC Monster Trucks have been a fascination part of the RC community. Their Popularity comes and goes but one thing is certain, they are here to stay. Monster Trucks are currently experiencing...
  19. T

    Go racing maxxis .20 ???

    Looking for a big block for my revo....saw this maxxis for 99 bucks is it worth it? Or should I save up for what motor....just a reliable basher is all I'm looking for, thanks!
  20. Grant

    Nanda Racing custom engine

    Hey all, new to this site, I joined because I would like to share my project with all of you, mainly because when i started this project some time ago, i could find no pictures or discussions of the project i had in mind, so therefore I am now sharing mine. Maybe it has been done before maybe...