Axial AX-10 Ready-To-Crawl


Axial is at it again, another RC Rock Crawler. This time a Ready-To-Crawl version of the ever popular Axial AX10 scorpion kit! The new Axial AX-10 Scorpion rc rock crawler is fully ready to rock crawl right out of the box! With the new Axial AX-10 RTC rc rock crawler, Axial has done a lot of things right to improve the basic AX-10 kit.

For starters Axial has added a slipper clutch to reduce gear wobble for a much more efficient drivetrain and also increases the durability of the drivetrain. Axial has also given the Axial AX10 ready to crawl solid rear axle lockouts which improve ground clearance while rock crawling.

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EEM Velcro Body Mount System


East End Machining Patent Pending body mount system mounts using the stock body posts and clips on your AX10 rock crawler.

East End Machining CNC machined crossbar allows you to securely fasten your crawler body using Industrial Strength Velcro brand fasteners. This isn’t the Velcro your Mom buys at the sewing shop. This stuff is strong enough that you can swing the truck around by the lid.

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Axial Bender Customs SWX Chassis Kit

Bender Custom SWX Chassis Kit

Check out the new Bender custom SWX chassis kit from Axial. The SWX chassis is the originator of the open sided motor plate and the narrow chassis is designed for squeezing through tight spaces with just the right amount of suspension travel the maintain stability.

A delrin skid plate wraps under the side plates to help your RC crawler slide over the rocks better. The same skid plate also has a directional channel down the center to help prevent lateral slides when on the rocks!

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