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We are getting rid of "Monster Pirate Talk", what forum would you guys like to see take its place?

Not a bad choice, NC. I think there are a few of us who drive the "little" cars, too. J'ever notice how small your RS4 3 looks after you thrash with the Maxx?
Supremaxx,cos some have it and some are getting it,and the rest need it:banana:
wouldn`t anything fit in the general elec.,or nitro?
Yes, but since there is already a T -Maxx talk and a supermaxx is still a T-maxx it fits well in the T category, but there is NO 1:10 scale touring car forum, or even include all touring cars, 1:10 and 1:8 etc., just my 2 cents.
your previous post was as plain and to the point as mine,do most guys into monster trucks want better stuff or touring stuff,it is not for me or you to decide but all and the guv.too:)
Um, OK I just thought with 5 other truck forums and no t/c forum one would be nice. I drive both a T and a HPI RS4 3 and really did not see the need for yet another truck forum here, But I do agree with you, let the people decide. My vote goes to 1:10 scale touring cars. ;)
indeed, let the people choose. So goto the front page and place your vote!!!

Go for the Supermaxx forum, that way we can post some pictures of our expensive heavy metal monsters, we can also help others run up huge bills with their credit cards....:banana:
welcome to the forum dude,and cool views.let the voters have power:)

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