What do you do for a living?

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Syracuse, NY
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You asked for it, you got it. Hot on the heels of ever-popular threads like "What other R/C's do you have?", "OK, So what do we all look like?" and "What car do you drive?" comes the newest and best personal thread:

"What do you do for a living?"

A chance for all of us to finally confess to the mind-numbing routine we must deal with to support our R/* habit.

I'll start. I am a Clinical Audiologist in Cooperstown, New York (Home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame). I work in the Otolaryngology division of our local hospital. I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders. I work with people of all ages. My oldest patient was 101. My youngest was less than 1 day. I have a Master's Degree from Syracuse University and am pursuing my Doctorate of Clinical Audiology (Au.D.) via the internet right now. How's that for a fancy sounding job???
OK I have a really tough job, I am a motorsports photographer for a nationally published magazine, as well as a freelance photographer for the Associated Press. I photograph the Winston Cup Series races for the magazine, and anything the AP wants. I graduated with honors with a degree in Photography from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. I told you it was a tough job :D
I.R.S.,do you guys declare your hobbies.
Wish ya worked for my IRS :eek:

I'm a dual position, high stressed, money collectin fool.....
On the formal side, I am the Vice President of BOTH I.T. and Operations of a very large collection agency that is located in both the U.S. and Canada. The office I am located at alone has 500+ people right now and generates close to 2.5 million a MONTH in revenue.

Someone has to do it :banana:
So your the guy who calls at dinner time harrassing people for money ;) I wish I could declare my T as a dependant:D
Yeah, NC. Tough job. All that going to race tracks. Schmoozing with the drivers. Having to sit through endless hours of fast, loud cars. Sun. Warmth. Nowhere near a phone. No desk. No office hours. Man, that must be hell!!!! LOL!!!
I do network support for the digital cable system for a large cable company. I remotely troubleshoot and repair controllers, HE equipment, and RF networks.
Adelphia? And you still have a job?

j/k LOL!
Candyman, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it :D I do have a cell phone, no desk though, lol I get up between 3:30 and 4 am drive several hours to the track, sign a pile of insurance waivers so if I get run over I can't sue em, walk about a thousand miles per weekend carrying a ton of equipment, and then sit in traffic for God knows how many hours after the race to get back home somewhere around midnight. But I wouldn't want to do anything else :banana: Man I LOVE my job!!!
In 1982 I started a Tradeshow Promotion company. In 1998 I had 300 employees and promoted over 1000 shows in the US each year. All the shows were in the computer industry. At the height of the computer boom a company with too much money and no brains wanted it much more than I did.

My wife and I now live a modest life in a small town North of San Francisco. We run a mail order company to keep busy in-between traveling and hobbies.

Not to bad for 39 years old.

I’m hiding from the IRS, All my bills are paid, I can hear everything, (except my wife) and live 10 minutes from Sears Point Raceway

NCNitro let me know when you come this way.
IT Manager for a mid sized company.

Part time (hobby only) Web designer.

Full time father, full time Professional IT Super Geek.

Wanna be - eXtreme Mountain Bike racer...
Hey Fast Eddy, sorry but I don't do the road courses, I could never get into them, but if you ever get out here to NC for the big Charlotte races look me up, we got a nice track here to run the T maxxes. I pretty much stay on the east coast, about as far west as I go is Talladega. Especially now with all my equipment flying has become a real hassel. All those electronics, battery packs, lenses, etc they have a field day with me. :eek:
NCNitro-I guess no matter what we do, it's still a job. But I like the sound of yours. I know it has baggage that comes with it. I wouldn't mind doing it for a weekend. I gotta hang out in a hospital with a shirt and tie. White lab coat. Pager. It's the price I pay. I like my job. I spend most of my time helping people live better lives. It's good for the heart and soul. But sometimes ya just need to break out. I was fortunate enough to get to ride around Lowe's. Sure I had to cough up $100. But I was a passenger at 170 mph. What a trip! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But next time, I'm drivin'!!!!

Do you come to the Glen?
Hey candyman, no I don't do the glenn, I really dont like the road course races, I could if I wanted too, but I'm am not really interested because it really is alot of work, but I do love my job. So you got to do the Richard Petty experience at Loews huh, I live about 22 miles from that track. I want to do the one where I get to drive but its like 1500 bucks for 30 laps. So I gotta sell alot more pics before that happens. Do you get to NC often? Next time we will have to get together for a bash session.
Originally posted by Candyman
Adelphia? And you still have a job?

j/k LOL!

Why yes it is Adelphia. My job is very secure actually. If the company was to break up, my department would be the last to go becuase no one else in the company does what we do. If we were gone, there would be no one left to run the digital cable system controllers and everything would go to heck.
Hey Darth racer, although I recently switched from Adelphia to Direct TV Satellite, I hope that you dont get screwed with everything thats going on, you gotta have a good job to support this hobby, lol
Darth- It's nice to have a specialized job, isn't it? We're in different fields, but we're both pretty indespensible. I like that. I can pretty much get away with anything here and they don't say much. Because it's not easy to get an Audiologist to move here. LOL!!!!

NCN- I don't come south too much. I was passing through on my way to Disney last April. Did like the looks of the city, but travel is not high on my list of affordable things. C'mon. I own a Maxx now. That means no vacations for 5 years!!!! LOL. But if I do get anywhere near there, you can bet you'll hear from me.!
Sounds good to me Candyman, bring the T and the RS4 3 we will have a great time, the track in Rock hill has a real nice dirt track and a sweeeeeeeeeet high banked tri oval and a good road course too. I know what you mean about the $$$ I can't believe how quickly my T stole all my money :eek: But with that fancy job of yours you should be a world traveler, j/k
I am a Manager for an aviation re-work facility. We work on Narrow and Wide Body aircraft. I am in the Engineering Department. We design and build upgrades for the major airlines. We are currently installing the first MD-80 Bullit-proof cockpit door on the market. It's a pretty cool industry to be in. (But not since 9-11)
ER nurse in a level II trauma center with 30 beds in downtown Memphis. Pretty high stress environment. Running my trucks is a great release after 48 hours of work each week.