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El Pirata

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I might have to quit upgrading for a few months while I save up money for a 4" lift for my Cherokee. Bad news for my Max, great news for my Cherokee.
4",are you a big ole boy so you need to beef it up,or just going offroad with it;)
You lifting to fit some nice huge phat mickey thompson's??
Naw, I remembered my true love for off road tires, Super Swamper TSL Boggers and I need a lift to fit the 33's
So i guess your not going for the cheaper body lift then, must be the suspension kit?

Which one? pro comp, skyjacker, superlift.
At $689 it would be on heck of a body lift. Yes, suspension all the way. The higher suspension allows for yout axels to grip better and there is more play. They are more dangerous for high speed on road driving but I don't do too much of that.

Originally posted by idontknow
Which one? pro comp, skyjacker, superlift.
One I saw in JC Whitney.
As it turns out, I too have a bit of bad news...due to recent budget overruns in the baby department (need for new car seats, high chairs, etc...note the pural...diapers, fomula, etc), my SuperMaxx build is going to take a little more time than expected. I still plan to go with it, but it may be stretched out over a 6 month period culminating with its unveiling on my 33rd birthday next March. As it turns out, I also have to do about $1000 worth of work on my Cherokee...new belts, new brakes, that kind of thing...periodic maintenance aint cheap either.
Gee Dad...how old are you?