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    Extra gas tank modifying exhaust and
  2. Tstutsman

    Losi 22s Drag car upgrades

    Hey guys! I am new to the hobby. I picked up a Losi 22S drag rtr. Just wondering some upgrades I should do to it over the winter. Not really wanting to change motor or esc but open to other things. Durability upgrades, speed upgrades, suspension upgrades, or weight reduction. Thanks!
  3. kozmonot71

    Rustler VXL 2WD shocks and drive shafts recommendations

    Well, I had a driveshaft that kept popping off when doing even small jumps. U joint would pull apart right by the tranny on slip clutch side. It never broke but was worn where it was pulling out. I moved the camber link to too hole, got new tires and did not have anymore issues. Doing a speed...
  4. Hepher88

    Fuel filters and coolers

    Hello all, nice straight forward question today hopefully, is it worth installing a fuel filters and fuel cooler? I wanted the ally air filter cap and see that it all came as a pack for not too much more. Thanks
  5. J.Longmire.MMA170

    Questions on different vehicles.

    Okay so as I stated in my post introducing myself as a new member and rc owner in general, I’ve got some questions. I have the Tmaxx 3.3 and I love it. But I also want something to have as a project sort of thing, something I can work on a lot. That being said what would be the nitro rc that has...

    1/16 brushless erevo gear down

    I got a new mini e revo and I'm thinking of gearing it down so i can get 4 inch wheels, but I'm not sure how much. The spur gear is 50 and the pinion is 28, oh and I'm also newer to RC cars so I don't know as much. Also the wheels are 3 inches in diameter and I will be getting the second battery...
  7. :D lmao

    Best upgrades for revo 3.3?

    mod or upgrade that improves power and handling were in count as well:)
  8. Kosmas

    Hobao Hyper 7 From 1speed to 2speed

    Hello everyone I'm looking to upgrade my hyper7 to 2 speed! Which vehicle should i look for parts from that should fit? anyone experienced in this upgrade?
  9. S

    Losi 1\14 mini desert truck

    Having a hard time finding upgrades. Can someone tell me whAt compatible parts I could look for to fit my rc
  10. JayPey

    Trial and error with the Losi 5IVE-T 2.0

    I’m happy to break things up because I learn and I try to improve my understanding of the beast! The 14 mm clutch bolts came undone and engaged with the clutch bell on the 3rd tank. I reapplied proper torque as per Zenoah Manual 6.4 nm and a tiny dab of red locktite. On the sixth tank both...
  11. Knight999

    Rival MT10 servo upgrade

    Just brought an mt10 Rival only been out with it twice and the cogs in the servo are damaged it's a reedy 15kg should I replace with the same one or are they known for being poor any advice would be much appreciated ?
  12. TwiztidDevil

    Joshua's TMaxx

    Here's my Tmaxx. It started as a 2.5 and over the course of a year and $2000 I have a bulletproof beast. Here's a list of the parts I've put in it: [ ] New Graphix Body [ ] Wheels and Tires [ ] Spektrum Receiver [ ] 30% Nitro Race Fuel [ ] OS .21 TM ABC Motor [ ] OS--2070 Monster Truck Exhaust...
  13. WoodiE

    What is your favorite LiPo battery?

    There are a LOT of LiPo batteries out there, some of which are much better than others. This thread will hopefully help those looking for a good LiPo battery without spending a ton of money, but provide plenty of power, life and fun! I personally have had the best luck and have been very happy...
  14. Q

    All the upgrades for your WL Toys 144001

    Hi guys New in this forum but not to RC. Just thought I'd share that I've written a whole lot of articles on upgrading the 144001. Most of these are free or very cheap upgrades and where I have used new parts I have tried to be as budget conscious as possible and avoid unnecessary bling (not...
  15. RatBuddie

    Looking to upgrade Losi Night crawler SE driveshafts

    RatBuddie here, Thanks for having me. Have a losi Night crawler SE, need to upgrade drivelines front and rear and, front and rear Axel's, to get a way from the worm gear drive that is plastic. Would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks
  16. The RC Car

    Setting up my Slash 4x4 to race. Which motor should I buy?

    Sup y'all! Here's the link to the motor I'm looking at, with all the stats, I have no idea what they mean. Is that or the stock Venileon 3500 brushless system better? I'm looking int racing my slash 4x4, I've done enough upgrades that all I need is a good motor. If y'all have any motor or ESC...
  17. P


    I recently purchased a ProBoat Blackjack 24 and used it for the first time today, and wanted to know of some upgrades, what should I do first, I have a 3s 5200mAh battery LiPo and need cheap upgrades. Any ideas?
  18. N

    Losi Nitro 8ight RTR buggy

    Any forum members running a Nitro 8ight RTR buggy? I'd like to hear from ya's. Upgrade part #'s etc.
  19. S

    Servo upgrade for HPI Baja 5t

    Hi I got a baja 5t I want to change the servo for a better one . One that the wheels will lock . And also add a faster n stronger directional servo . They also need to be water proof. I need help to figure out witch one is good n crap on Ebay. At the store it is way more expensive. Thx
  20. P

    Dhk Maximus upgrades

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knows what are some of the best upgrades for the DHK Maximus. It’s coming in the mail in a few days and I have issues with leaving things stock. I’ve been reading a lot about the truck and haven’t really pinned down too many upgrades like tires, gear oil for...