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  1. Q

    All the upgrades for your WL Toys 144001

    Hi guys New in this forum but not to RC. Just thought I'd share that I've written a whole lot of articles on upgrading the 144001. Most of these are free or very cheap upgrades and where I have used new parts I have tried to be as budget conscious as possible and avoid unnecessary bling (not...
  2. RatBuddie

    Looking to upgrade Losi Night crawler SE driveshafts

    RatBuddie here, Thanks for having me. Have a losi Night crawler SE, need to upgrade drivelines front and rear and, front and rear Axel's, to get a way from the worm gear drive that is plastic. Would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks
  3. The RC Car

    Setting up my Slash 4x4 to race. Which motor should I buy?

    Sup y'all! Here's the link to the motor I'm looking at, with all the stats, I have no idea what they mean. Is that or the stock Venileon 3500 brushless system better? I'm looking int racing my slash 4x4, I've done enough upgrades that all I need is a good motor. If y'all have any motor or ESC...
  4. P


    I recently purchased a ProBoat Blackjack 24 and used it for the first time today, and wanted to know of some upgrades, what should I do first, I have a 3s 5200mAh battery LiPo and need cheap upgrades. Any ideas?
  5. N

    Losi Nitro 8ight RTR buggy

    Any forum members running a Nitro 8ight RTR buggy? I'd like to hear from ya's. Upgrade part #'s etc.
  6. S

    Servo upgrade for HPI Baja 5t

    Hi I got a baja 5t I want to change the servo for a better one . One that the wheels will lock . And also add a faster n stronger directional servo . They also need to be water proof. I need help to figure out witch one is good n crap on Ebay. At the store it is way more expensive. Thx
  7. P

    Dhk Maximus upgrades

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knows what are some of the best upgrades for the DHK Maximus. It’s coming in the mail in a few days and I have issues with leaving things stock. I’ve been reading a lot about the truck and haven’t really pinned down too many upgrades like tires, gear oil for...
  8. E

    Throttle servo recommendations please

    Hi again, My question is two parts: first, I keep burning up throttle servos, I've broken two in the last month... any ideas as to why this might be happening? Secondly, as the title suggested I'm looking for recommendations for my next purchase of a 1/8 scale throttle servo, the last one I...
  9. Roanoke RC group

    Which brushless 4s ESC???

    I am buying an ESC for my 1/10 4x4 but I don't know which one to go with. I want to buy the Hobbywing SC8, but I also found the Hobbyking X-car 60a (2s-4s) brushless ESC. I only want a cheap ESC that is easily programmable and can take 4s. Would it be worth spending the extra money on the SC8? I...
  10. S

    Gearing help for SMT10

    I just landed a great deal on a new SMT10 with all the goodies(not installed). I think the previous owner lost interest. In this package was a Castle Sidewinder 3 brushless set up that will be going in soon. Its got JC Renegades and I just installed Axial metal gears. My question is, what...
  11. S

    Kraton 6s- GPM Hub extension

  12. Kingleo619

    Arrma Typhon Upgrades

    Savox servo 1210 sg w/glitch buster and motor top brace
  13. T

    Trail Finder 2 Servos

    Hello, I really need your guys' help here. I have no idea what servo I should get for my trail finder since the stock ones are out of stock. Also, what is better for crawling speed or torque.
  14. WoodiE

    Tekno Shock Standoffs

    Tekno has just announced a set of Tekno shock standoffs, that when used with the Tekno shock bushings (TKR8730), allow the shock only to pivot between the standoff and the bushing which in turn moves the wear surface to the bushing itself and increasing the life of the cap. Continue Reading
  15. WoodiE

    Tekno Heavy Duty Differential Outdrives & Coupler for EB/ET 410

    The new Tekno HD differential outdrives and coupler for the Tekno EB410 and ET410 have just been announced. These new HD outdrives and couplers have less material removed to improve the durability and impact resistance, making them a perfect upgrade for bashers and even carpet racing with their...
  16. M

    Restoration parts needed for Losi Micro t/dt

    Send me links to parts for the Losi micro t/dt, mostly gears and electronics.
  17. J

    Time for New Servos!

    I need to pick up a new servo to replace the stock throttle servo on my HPI Bullet that went out. I May as well replace both at the same time to save later hassle. I’m thinking of going the Hitec route, but I’m unsure if I should go one digital and one analog, or both analog. what are your...
  18. J

    Engine options, not many.

    Unfortunately not too thrilled with my HPI Bullet. It does run well and starts up pretty quick, but the engine doesn’t have the power for off-road I’m looking for. It’s also a pita to get a decent tune, unlike my Losi 8ight, which was a breeze to get a nice tune on. Anyway I was looking around...
  19. Sledman3064

    Associated RC18T2 upgrade parts

    My son has a Team Associated rc18t2. Is there any company's that make aftermarket wheels for them?
  20. superticky

    Question about 3300kv vs 3800kv for RC10T4.3

    Hello everyone! I have a (maybe) simple question: a few months ago I bought a Team Associated 1/10 2WD RC10T4.3 stadium truck and still enjoying it a lot! Only modification I had to do was to change the pinion from 18T to 23T to get a speed bump from 23mph to 28 mph with 2S. (I have some...