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anybody familiar with top brand stuff? i bought a set of aluminum chassis braces and i've lost four screws out of them. should i have thread locked 'em in or are these brand parts junk? i bought them because they were a little cheaper, but you know what they say about getting what you paid for...
Anytime there is metal to metal contact, with screws, you want to use threadlock. You can also use nailpolish as well. Just test the nailpolish and make sure that the fuel wont eat away at it. Some do and some dont withstand nitro.

The braces are probably fine. I have dynamites and had a similar issue with 2 of the screw holes. A little lok tite blue did the trick.
Nail polish?
And just how did you find this out…
How many times do I have to tell you?
Don’t do your nails on the hobby table.:trout:
i lost three screws out of the crappy transmission skid that came with the braces, which didn't really bother me. then i lost one that holds on the skid plate, which i wasn't happy about cause it's a little tiny hex head screw that i'm probably gonna have a hard time finding. on a different note, my buddy in toronto just bought a 2.5 maxx off ebay from some guy in newfoundland (that's where i live) for $640 cdn. ($405 u.s.) that's less than i paid for my .15 at the lhs. i sent the guy a message to see if he has more. that's a good price for this neck of the woods, and if he's got one, and if i can swing it... it'll be mine!
Originally posted by matts6887
...2.5 tmaxx. I just saw one run for the first time today; and I do have to say it does look pretty impressive all things considered.

Matts, are you ever going to make a statement without some kind of disclaimer attached to it. Did the new T look impressive or not? What are all the things that you considered? Why do the things considered have any bearing on whether or not it looked impressive? This is the kind of garbage post that irritates a lot of people; so I am curious as to why you didn't just say the following:

Good luck in getting the 2.5 tmaxx. I saw one run for the first time today; and it looked impressive.

Your way makes two obvious statements. One we know you are the one who "thought" it was are the origin of the statement. Two you think that there was something wrong or extra needed to make it look impressive ("the all things considered" crap).

We would all be happier with your posts if you just took a stand and didn't include the disclaimers and extra fluff that makes it sound as if you don't believe the statements you are making.

BTW...sorry Grinch for steering your thread off course. LokTite of some sort is a must on all metal to metal fasteners (stick with blue...never use red unless you intend the joint to become permanent). I also wish you luck in your quest for the new T-Maxx. I look forward to seeing one in action and can't wait to pit my T against one in a little bash session.
Originally posted by matts6887
Indeed; I've found that out the hard way more than my fair share of times that if u dont locktite metal to metal stuff; well it wont take long for u to lose it because of the obvious.
Speaking of obvious, you know this symbol . is meant the end of a sentence. In the language you are speaking people use these . marks to let the reader know the group of words you were typing is finished on it's onto another group of words. CAPS signify the starting of the next group of words. Just something to remember, but what would I know you said my brain was only the size of a grain of sand.

But judging by the way you typed, your brain is, well you can try to figure that one out for yourself.
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Like Sky has already said the blue lok tite works if you ever intend to take the parts back off.
Skymaxx, El Pirata and Matt, don't make me have to seperate you three and send you to time out.
Originally posted by FLATTOP
Skymaxx, El Pirata and Matt, don't make me have to seperate you three and send you to time out.

The upstart steps in...go play with your :llama:
Originally posted by FLATTOP
Skymaxx, El Pirata and Matt, don't make me have to seperate you three and send you to time out.
Oh, why, I didn't do any name calling, unlike matts.
Come on SkyMaxx you know that :llama: needs to rest to. Oh never mind I forgot who was playing with him:D
Originally posted by El Pirata
It was me, I left the cage open and matts got out to be punished again! Sorry.

Just dont let it happen again.
perfect. i'll put some loc-tite on those screws before i drive again. i already did the rest of the screws when i cleaned my maxx. just wanted to make sure that "top" parts weren't junk before i bought more of them. still waiting to hear from that guy about the 2.5 . my buddy is all excited, he's been talking about getting one for a while now. can't wait for his christmas visit! i'll be sure to send him in the direction of this forum too!:D
Sounds like a plan. Let us know when you get the 2.5 and what you think of it after driving it for a bit.
no. no 2.5 maxx. talked to my buddy and the guy he bought it off didn't actually have it. some sort of buy/re-sell deal that went wrong. oh well.
Bummer...just so you know, an "old" T-Maxx can be modified to have the same attributes as the 2.5. All you need is the Proline suspension kit, a bigger engine (wait a little and you can buy the 2.5 or trade your TRX .15 in on it), a thicker chassis plate, some beefier axles and carriers (MIP CVDs do the trick), beefier turnbuckles (Ti turnbuckles do the trick), and beefier hinge pins (again Ti pins do the trick).

You could go that route, or take an "old" T-Maxx and modify it as you see fit with whatever hop-ups you desire and have a blast with it. I am completely satisfied with my hopped up T-Maxx and do not feel any desire what-so-ever to pick up the 2.5 T. In fact, the next RC I buy will most likely be HPI's .21 Savage, but that is just me.
yeah. i think i may take the hop up my old t maxx route. i think it would be cheaper for me to buy a whole new truck then it would for me to upgrade to 2.5 specs. i already got my christmas list started...