The Gen 2 NJBT Header is out

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For anyone interested, who was waiting for the Gen 2 NJBT, it's out now. I was just e-mailed by the Hobby Shop New Jersey, and they have just released the new header that will not hit the suspension, and can be used with the pro-line suspension. Heres a link to it for anyone interested.
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NC it looks much better however I'll will stick with the Duratrax at half the cost. jm2c's
NCN - let me know how the end of the header matches up size wise with the AE pipe. I'm curious about that as well.

I run the Durratrax header for 2 reasons. 1. Cost 2. More compatable with the suspension. But, this new G2 is supposed to rid the suspension problem.

I know this is off topic, but how did they get that pipe to shine like that? My AE pipe is a dull silver color!

WoodiE...wake up,tell them about this site and you are doing reviews,first one is on a polished ae pipe,they may send you one as a freebie:D

i have 3 gen.1 NJ bth,ithink they are cool,the gen.2 seems shorter,will it have as much low down grunt?
Easy-MAX, I already have a AE pipe, i just wanna know how they got it to shine like that.

i know,i thought it would get you one without the hard work of polishing,but they do a polished one anyway,it costs a bit more than the dull one.
Christian and maxxconfusion, I am also now running the Duratrax header and I love it on my OS CVX .15. I had the GEN 1 but with the smaller clutch bells there were several clearance problems. I agree there is not a big enough difference in those two pipes to justify double the cost! But I know people were waiting for this which is why I put it up here once they let me know. I am very happy with my duratrax header and plan to continue using it. Woodie, just polish it, is it the new or old style. I have the new and just polished it with my dremel tool, it looks great.
is the Gen.2 any better power wise than the first model,i have the first and think it is great,will the shorter one have as much grunt low down?has anyone compared them in a review yet.
I have the Gen1 and the duratrax which is exactly the same as the Gen 2. I like it better because ther is no a-arm interference, it won't hit the shock spring when using a smaller clutch bell and it still has plenty of low end grunt. I have used the NJBT, CEN, Stock, and now the Duratrax which is identicle to the Gen 2, and the Duratrax imo is the best one I have found yet. I really liked the first jersy header but the clearence issues bothered me.
i do not suffer from clearance probs on my stock or supermaxx with the Nj.

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It doesn't rub the a-arm? What size clutch bell are you running? I had it too and mine rubbed the arm and with an 18 tooth bell it was too close to the rear spring for my comfort. I love that duratrax header.

I'll go empty it now, thanks.
72 spur and 18t,or 20t bell,both trucks have traxxas big bores,and i have no contact with the header,at all
Thats wierd mine touched the upper rear a arm, just barely but it did touch, How is your ride height set I have mine kind of low for stability.
i`m just lucky then;)never mind i shall keep using them.
That header is a great header for low end power, maybe I got one that slipped through that fine Chinese quality control, where the angles were off just a bit.