Team Associated SC10 Pro4 vs Tekno SCT410 v2

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Check out this video of a mate and I out for a race/bash at our local little park track. Its a bit of fun.

A bit of background. My mate has been driving a Remo Hobby 1/10 SCT that he'd heavily modified and upgraded to 3s. After introducing me to the fun. I got myself a Team Associated SC10 Pro4 RTR. I've broken it and repaired it a few times and have got a feel for the car. I'm relatively new to the hobby and been driving and tinkering for about 2 months.

My friends Remo Hobby slowly wore out with everything breaking all at once after a couple years. So he decided to get a Tekno upgrade which this video'd drive was just after assembling it.
In lieu of this upgrade and to keep things competitive, I made some significant upgrades to the SC10 Pro4 which I rebuilt, while my mates Teckno was being built. So this session was like driving 2 new cars for us (kinda).

My Setup:

Team Associated SC10 Pro 4
Castle 1415 2400kv
Castle Creations Copperhead (OOTB settings)
17t pinion
3s 75c battery
Rebuilt Diff's, 30K rear, 60K center and front
Plaig Race Ceramic Bearings along the drive train
RPM suspension arms
Pro-line Badlands MX tires (wide stance)
Flysky GT5 transmitter only using exp curve on steering.
Anti-squat mod learnt from this forum.
Cut back original body with openings cut.

Parts on the way for my rig that did not arrive in time:
High speed Spektrum servo
Steel motor mount
Fastrax aluminum hexes and hubs.

My mates setup:

Tekno SCT410 v2 kit
19t Pinion
Castle 1415 2400kv
Castle Creations Mamba X (OOTB settings)
3s 75c battery
Savox high speed servo
Pro-line Badlands tires (wide stance)
1/8 Ranger Body

Enjoy, feel free to share any thoughts.
Oh thanks for that. It's public now

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