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thats a relief because he had the beautiful xr10 160a esc as good as it gets it would seem. yet still used the word glitchy

i will look on ebay to see if i can find a cheaper one, however a $4 remedy is not that big of a deal at all.

I spent 69$ or so on 4 tires wheels and foam.

any 13.5 turn motors youd recommend. he advised me to buy new electronics if possible as he said you never know what the previous owner had done to them etc. i def agree with that while if someone is honest and not a pos it should also be okay I suppose , gotta have instinct sometimes.

I think I'm going to buy the charger recommended upower dual etc. seems like a nice piece of equipment.

i have this gut feeling that I'm going to still forget to buy some things, lol

right now i need esc, motor, pinion, gear diff, battery charger, and battery. if theres anything else to add you can think of let me know, maybe some velcro to keep the body on,


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I love my reedy 17.5 spec motor. Has timing settings, runs cool, etc. and wasn't super expensive. A lot of the guys at my local track run Team Scream motors but that's because the company pres and some of his team drivers all run there. But they are pretty sweet.

Tekin, SMC, Reedy, Orion, Team Trinity, all good choices. A pinion is a pinion, just make sure to order the correct pitch (which is the size of the teeth) Your car uses a 48 pitch, or 48p pinion and spur gear. You might want to order a few different sizes so you can gear appropriately for the track and temps on your esc/motor.

Depending on which motor you choose, the manufacturers manual, website, or support should be able to tell you appropriate gearings for your vehicle. My reedy s+ 17.5 spec for example says to start with a 70t spur and 29t pinion, then adjust from there. I actually run a 72t spur and 27t pinion for my particular track but I'm sure your stadium truck on a 13.5 will be different. Sorry can't help yo umuch there as I don't run those but I can ask on my tracks group page :)

And yeah, I agree you should always buy new electronics. Some guys abuse the shit out of them by gearing way too high or setting really high timings and running them super hot.


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i have to run 13.5 thats the only ST class the track races, buying and running anything else isnt going to help my race performance.

the guy i spoke to suggested i check out gravity/motiv for a motor possibly.

he said maybe 78/25 when I asked him the config you are mentioning about spur.

he also told me to check team associateds site for carpet track setup and that should give me a great idea as to questions I may have.

no response from the futaba contact i was given to reach out to :( it didnt get returned either, and no response that they were out of office :p


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So far the team associated instructions I feel are not too good. I cannot believe they have made these this long and still have clear issues of confusion instructing someone on what to do before step 2 bag 2.

In any case the first problem in step one was it asked for screws that were in either bag 2 or 3 before gettign bag 2 or telling you to open anything else. Now I'm on page 6 bag 2 step 2 and it states for the right side of side rails to use 4x 25202 screw m3x10mm then left side shows to use 6 of the 25201 screw essentially saying to use 6 smaller screws putting on the left side rail rather than the four screws instruct you to use that are longer on the right side rail however there is five holes that look like absolutely identical on both left and right,. In any case there is five holes on each side and it's telling you to use four screws of one size on one and then six on the other there is not six holes on the left side and there is not just four holes on the right so I'm absolutely lost as to how to proceed on this part of the install which is pretty s***** if you ask me because it's just starting and I can't even get farther without assistance I don't know what to say at this point


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So screw 25202 should go in the forward most 2 holes of the chassis rails and then screw 25201 should go in the remaining 3 holes on each side of the chassis.

I GOT AN ANSWER as seen above ^^ some nice guy from our local track was posting a t6.1 roller for sale and i commented and he said hope to see you at the track soon i was like WHAT - amazing how small of a world we live in. always good to be nice to people all the time! LOL

now the kit assembly can GO ON :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):thumbs-up:


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just got the gear diff ordered for 34.95 with free shipping should arrive on the 6th or sooner :) while I'm waiting for the gear diff to come is there any other upgraded parts that are advisable to get in making the car signifcantly stronger or lighter? and or run better?


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Progress finally being made . Here's some more photos
The kit mentions foam for battery and there being two sizes etc. Is there any foam with the kit as it makes it sound cause I'm not seeing it if so.



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If you are going to race off road the most popular racing class is stock (17.5) buggy. In our area stadium truck has neve become popular. If you look at race results for off road tracks it will be the most popular class. Go to Live RC and go to there list of race results and check it out. I was at a parking lot race Saturday. There were two heats of stock buggy with a total of 12 cars. It was a hot, very muggy day so the turnout was lower. I have two Losi stadium trucks sitting on the shelf. I have a rear motor and a mid motor. I haven't used in over a year. I'll have to sell them. You can go any place n the country where there is a dirt track or turf track and run 17.5 buggy. In my opinion they are the dirt version of F1 and are very cool when they jump. I don't even run the class.


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Please ignore my last comments. I didn't look at your previous entries. I apologize for my stupidity.

Roger G.

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ProTek is re-branded gear. Their chargers are more than likely EV-Peak. The 640 is EV-Peak's C6, but with 40A instead of the C6's 45A.

Look to ProgressiveRC for your high end charger needs. Something like the FMA PowerLab 6 would probably fill your needs. High charging rates on a LiPo battery? Understand the risks, and downfalls. Is it worth the gain?

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