returning to RC racing (offroad electric)

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RCNT Racer
i pulled the horn multiple times and it was as close to center as I could get 100% anything to left or right and it was off center worse. I found a place to chat with RC folk on discord and met some guy that instructed to me the issue I had with gear mesh was that I needed to loosen motor screws and simply mesh the gears as I hadn't done that. all sounds good works great and no issues at the moment. been sleeping and breathing the rc addiction, I picked up a b6.1 factory lite pre built with a set of wheels and tires for $220 shipped. got that recently and bought a tekin rsx esc and 2 chassis weights the 24/36g plates as well as a hobbywing g3 v10 17.5t motor. got another 3 wire transponder. I literally just need another TX+RX and a servo and this thing is ready to race!

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