LRP .32 spec 2 vs force .32 vs dynamite big red .28

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I'm sorry for all the threads, i just am so stuck in engines.

I want to purchase a used engine that is more powerful my current F 4.6 is not powerful enough for thick grass I have already lowered the gearing and I want to upgrade.

I want to purchase a used engine because I don't have time to go through a full Breakin I just trust somebody else break in more than mine , I know there is risks with this i am okay with taking the risk. So it does not seem like I can find that many .28 engines or .32 engines in my price range. currently I found a force 32 , LRP 32 spec 2, and I am assuming I will be able to find a dynamite Big Red for a similar engine a lrp 28 spec 3 if i wait. my truck is a stock Savage X and I have a dilemma , I am interested in getting a 28 it sounds like it should have enough power but I'm scared that maybe he won't have the amount of power I want for this thick grass , if I get .32 then it will have the most power I can put in my Savage X however afraid that it will either have too much power that i end up breaking stuff in my Savage or it will just be a gas guzzler and I won't really like it or it will have not high enough revs for my liking. i know i will have to upgrade broken parts one day but i am just hoping i can atleast enjoy it for atleast a gallon or something before something breaks etc.

currently my savage doesn't wheelie and I'm not sure if its due to the tune or of its because I'm running in thick thick grass. i like when my truck is planted, i want it to have tons of acceleration and power. so if i get too powerful of an engine, i also dont want it to turn into a wheelie monster because that just defeats the purpose of me finding a better engine for my thick grass obsesseion.

I'm stuck between those engines above.

So what do you think I should do in this scenario?



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Grass shouldn't stop wheelies, if anything, makes them easier.


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Personally Id prolly go with the LRP 32 spec 2. LRP makes good engines and generally speaking Dynamite does to. If it were me Id probably go with the .32 for more power. You can always control excessive wheelies with gearing.

That being said the big red may be plenty fine also. It does put out half a HP more than the NitroStar F4 engine does. The LRP .32 puts out almost a full horsepower more than the big red. At least if online specs can be believed.

I've not been in this exact spot before so I can't tell exactly what will and wont work all I can do is tell you what I would do based on an educated guess and my personal opinion.

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