insane battery deal

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Dekalb, IL
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I think it's too big. Unless your speaking of mods to the vehicle as well. It's a C pack, not sub-c.


Dekalb, IL
RC Driving Style
You may be able to use it still, but I'd take however many normal alkaline C cells you want to use and see if you can get them to fit. Or at least to figure out if you can make them fit. Then you will have a better idea of what you would need to do to your rig and the pack.


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I've measured the pack and the space given in an E-Revo (all "on paper" measurements) and they seem like they would fit pretty dang good, a lil snug but it would work. Plus, having full C sized cells would allow for greater run times, due to the larger capacity. They just need a little modifying (wiring, connectors, etc) and they would be good to go. I, however, would bust the pack down completely and rebuild it with quality materials, but thats just me.

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