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  1. 2

    Battery recomendations for converting traxxas slash 2wd to brushless

    I have a traxxas slash that I plan to put a brushless motor/esc kit into rated for 12v. First of all can the battery go over/under 12v or does it need to be at 12v? And secondly what t pole connector batteries would fit best?
  2. luke66

    Are Liperior batteries from RCBattery any good?

    so, I'm wondering of these batteries are any good. they kinda look cheap, seem cheap, and, well, are cheap. 35$ for a 3300mah 4S 50C battery seems too good to be true. sounds like it would be perfect for the STASH. except for the short runtime. but i could pick up 3 of them for the price of one...
  3. H

    Need help finding battery replacement for T-drones Ares 6S 30Ah on US east coast

    Hello, I am looking for a replacement for the T-drones Ares 6S 30Ah battery. Either the same battery or some equivalently specced battery. - 22.2 Volt / 6s - 30 000 mAh capacity - max 3.1 kg - preferrably XT90 connector I'm in a bit of a time squeeze, and need the batteries within 4 days, so...
  4. coldvod

    Time for a new charger

    Its time for me to get a new charger. I've seen the hota d6 pro reccomended but getting it in canada is not cheap. I have 2 3s lipos that i would like to charge at the same time at a reasonable rate. I've found a few options from a few stores that i shp from i would like some advice from more...
  5. Glitch

    HRB $20 3S lipos!!!

    These HRB 3s 6000mah batteries are currently on a prime member only deal for 21 dollars! They are usually 70!! I am buying two right now. They’re free returns, so what can I lose? (As long as they don’t catch on fire 😂) I might buy more if y’all think this...
  6. cvieira

    How problematic is it to store a LiPo battery in the trunk of a car?

    I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore RC enthusiast, but it's definitely an interest of mine. I have a Traxxas Slash 4x4, and it's a blast to throw around in parking lots or the grass. That being said, I find that I don't drive it very much because I never know when an opportunity to drive it...
  7. V

    Traxxas battery connectors sparks when plugging them in

    Hi have a traxxas e revo I bought a few years ago. I have a problem with it. When I plug in my batteries to the car, a pretty big spark appears between the connectors! I’m running brand new traxxas id 5000mah 11.1V 3-cell 25C lipo batteries. The connectors almost solders themself to each other...
  8. Haker_RC

    SCX 24 C10 Batteries

    Which Batteries are the best for the axial SCX24 C10?
  9. Powerwagon79

    Losi Nightcrawler being absolutely gutless

    Alright, so my friend Losi Night Crawler 2.0, which I have on loan, was given to him used, with no charger. He said I could use it some and see how the charger I bought for him worked. So, after the charger, a Supulse 7.4-11.v Lipo charger, came, I did what he said to do. I was very impressed by...
  10. Hepher88

    Hot Bodies lightning 2 rr receiver battery upgrade

    I have recently dug out my hot bodies lightning 2 rr from when I was a kid and have set about getting it going again, I have replaced/upgraded a few peices but now need to do the battery pack for the receiver. Currently, it is powered by 4 AA batteries, what would be the best options on...
  11. YoMamaLlama

    Battery stops working

    Hey, I have got two Venom 3000 mah NiMH batteries. Ran just fine for three runs. But now once I run them, they work for about 2-3 minutes and stop working. The car is not the problem, it is just these batteries, as the battery that came with the car works just fine. But when I check the Venom...
  12. S

    Lipo bags / Safe-Bat

    Hey guys. I got alot of batteries and I'm probably gonna get more soon, so I'm worried about storing them. Atm. i have 3x 3s 1000mah, 3x 4s 1550mah, 3x 6s 1300mah, 2x 4s 5000mah, 4x 3s 4000mah and some other batteries, like 3x dji, goggle batteries etc. What I was thinking was this: Buying 3...
  13. L

    Arrma kraton 6s V5 or Traxxas E-revo 2.0 (My frist RC)

    Hello I'm looking to buy my first RC want to make it right the first time. A car that is future safe that i can have a few years. I'm leaning to Arrma but i really don't know. I will use it to just bash around for fun. And then the battery's is a nightmare what to buy. Arrma use spektrum in...
  14. WoodiE

    What is your favorite LiPo battery?

    There are a LOT of LiPo batteries out there, some of which are much better than others. This thread will hopefully help those looking for a good LiPo battery without spending a ton of money, but provide plenty of power, life and fun! I personally have had the best luck and have been very happy...
  15. A

    Detached battery connecter

    I have a LaTrax 1/18 4wd stadium super truck and the little plastic thing that connects the speed control to the battery fell off and I was wondering if there is like a replacement for it or any tips on how to fix it
  16. Siclic

    Can I charge an 11.1v 5200mah lipo with a normal charger?

    Hi can I charge a lipo 11.1v 5200mah with a standard battery charger??
  17. Scalise

    Reviving my old 2.5 Maxx, electronic upgrade recommendations?

    Hi everyone, new here and trying to get back into the hobby after a while. As title says, took my old 2.5 T-Maxx out for the first time in about 5 years. Always had issues with it and annoyed me but I've had time to cool off and try again. Completely rebuilt the engine and carb and got rid of...
  18. P

    Will these LiPo batteries fit the Losi Rock Rey?

    Getting a Losi 1/6 Rock Rey need some advice on batteries. Someone is selling 2 6s 22.2v 5200mah 115kw 40c just wanted to know if they would fit I don't have the car yet.
  19. Meshman

    Can I use a 3S LiPo on a WLToys A959-B RC?

    I just received my WLToys A959-B 1:18 Scale RC. I'll be test driving it this evening after work. If anyone else has this model please let me know if you've done any upgrades? I've ordered 1:10 scale tires plus the replacement hex's but I'm still awaiting them in the mail. I watched a A959-B RC...
  20. G

    Help! Lipo's puffing immediately.

    I've got an old (but never used) Kyosho Twin Force that i'm trying to get working. I've fried 2 pairs of 3S lipo's from Maxamps already trying to get this thing running. That's about $600 down the drain. I have a Lehner Brushless Motor and Warrior ESC. The lipo's puff very quickly after...