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  1. Siclic

    Can I charge an 11.1v 5200mah lipo with a normal charger?

    Hi can I charge a lipo 11.1v 5200mah with a standard battery charger??
  2. Scalise

    Reviving my old 2.5 Maxx, electronic upgrade recommendations?

    Hi everyone, new here and trying to get back into the hobby after a while. As title says, took my old 2.5 T-Maxx out for the first time in about 5 years. Always had issues with it and annoyed me but I've had time to cool off and try again. Completely rebuilt the engine and carb and got rid of...
  3. P

    Will these LiPo batteries fit the Losi Rock Rey?

    Getting a Losi 1/6 Rock Rey need some advice on batteries. Someone is selling 2 6s 22.2v 5200mah 115kw 40c just wanted to know if they would fit I don't have the car yet.
  4. Meshman

    Can I use a 3S LiPo on a WLToys A959-B RC?

    I just received my WLToys A959-B 1:18 Scale RC. I'll be test driving it this evening after work. If anyone else has this model please let me know if you've done any upgrades? I've ordered 1:10 scale tires plus the replacement hex's but I'm still awaiting them in the mail. I watched a A959-B RC...
  5. G

    Help! Lipo's puffing immediately.

    I've got an old (but never used) Kyosho Twin Force that i'm trying to get working. I've fried 2 pairs of 3S lipo's from Maxamps already trying to get this thing running. That's about $600 down the drain. I have a Lehner Brushless Motor and Warrior ESC. The lipo's puff very quickly after...
  6. M

    Battery compatibility for WLTOYS F959 plane

    I just bought a WLTOYS F959 plane that takes a 7.4v 300mah battery. Can I get a larger battery to increase the flying time and where is the cheapest place to get the batteries besides China?Also how long should the flying time be on the stock battery?
  7. T

    Storage charge for 1s batteries

    My son will be out of town for a while,,,,and asked if I would put all of his 1s batteries in storage charge....of course I don’t run this type of battery at all. He has the venom 1s Charger. Was on you tube etc,,,saying nothing about storage charge for these micro batts. Is it okay to leave...
  8. wacmartin

    Bad battery?

    Okay guys need some help. So I've got back to running just the Savage Flux after taking some time off from RC. One of my batteries is giving me trouble now, it just seems to be 1 cell in a 2s LiPo. In balance charge mode it says it's at 4.20 this is what I assume to be my problem cell, and the...
  9. batmanninja

    Bad LiPo batteries?

    so I've had some floureon 3s lipos for about 2 years 3300mah 30c and i got 2 more 3s but 5500mah 35c. i run the 3300s no problem till they down to 3.1ish running hard. but the 5500s i run them less time than the 3300s and my car goes into limp mode. i let it sit for a few then its back to normal...
  10. A

    Should I use this 2010 quick charger on a modern battery?

    The battery is a 7.2v, 6 cell 1400mAh Ni-MH. The charger specs 1500-5000mAh and good for Ni-CD or Ni-MH. I’ve been charging the battery overnight using the 100mAh trickle charger. That takes up to 14 hours to top off. I’m wondering, is my charger outdated for modern Ni-MH batteries? Will a...
  11. craig911

    charging protected cells question

    Hi ladies and gents, i have a question or two, this may have been answered before but probably not for what i'm asking, and being lipo cells I'm being extra cautious, i'm going out on a limb here by thinking I'm probably fine with what what I'm doing but what to be safe i use lipos for various...
  12. Ericke1

    Help with ESC and Battery Use

    Many years ago I visited Hong Kong RC heaven and pickup this great ESC called Hobbywing XeRun150A and a Hobbywing 2250KV motor for a Team C 1/8 on road. HK RC shops are so cheap compared to here so I was tempted and enjoyed running the vehicle. Here is the link for the specs of both...
  13. WoodiE

    Bummer news, SPC Batteries is closing

    SPC made some of the best LiPo batteries for the price and I noticed today on their website they've posted a notice saying they are closing. Hate to see them go. "SPC will be soon closing its doors. New restrictive regulations, along with significant changes in our personal lives brought us to...
  14. WoodiE

    Batteries, making sense of 100 KWH

    Came across a very interesting blog post from an individual very much tuned into the battery industry. One of the posts though was about Tesla Motors upgrading two of the car models from 90 kWh to 100 kWh and the blog posts describes what all that power compares to. Pretty neat and thought I'd...
  15. P

    Good battery charger for ignitors

    I dont use a ton of rechargeable batteries, i actually have regular batteries in my controller and hpi nitro mt. But I'm tired of having to watch my ignitors on the charger being affraid i might overcharge them. Is there a cheap charger that can be used to charge my ignitors that will...
  16. craig911

    6v hump pack reading 3.3v

    just had a bit of an issue was about to check some things on my truck powered it on and the throttle servo went WOT instead of full break, transmitter was off and not running since i was in my room powered on transmitter and still nothing i can't remember if i left my onboard glow plug...
  17. I

    A decent charger for my EZ start battery?

    Sorry for the noob-ish questions, but I'm looking for a better charger for my 6-cell battery for the traxxas ez starter. I only received a 2-amp car charger for it and I want something a little better. I'm also looking to get the rechargeable receiver battery so I don't have to keep forking out...
  18. Kris407

    I need a charger...

    I need to charge a 14.8v 6950mAh battery for my starter box. What would can you recommend? Here's the older setup I've been using: Is this charger okay to use? I don't think it has a Balancing option, that's why I'm asking. Is there a way I can use this charger to safely charge the battery or...
  19. E

    takes on nitro or supercharger

    hellow there fellas! I just want to hear your comments about "nitro" and superchargers. I don't think they work but I might be wrong. does anyone has one of these installed? thank you guys.
  20. WoodiE

    Traxxas, free DTS-1 drag timing system and iD Charger

    Buy any two Traxxas vehicles and get a free DTS-1 drag timing system using coupon code: DTSFREE at checkout. Buy any Traxxas model with on-board sound and get a free EZ-Peak plus charger using coupon code: IDFREE at checkout.